Funemployed Day 57: How to wake up with positive thoughts

"That really says, 'I know where I came from, but I also know where I am.'" - Titi commenting on the Chinese + Fish & Chips restaurant we passed. You're quite right, Titi. 

Tl;dr: Got up super duper late, hung around the apartment, went out for tea and cake with Biscuit, met up with Biscuit’s Aussie mate, Sweetie. 

Wow. This day is one that I'm embarrassed to talk about, because I did so little. 

But I enjoyed it. So I must honor that. This is the purpose of my funemployment. Learning to listen to what I want and really fucking relaxing for a bit, opening myself up for what is to come. The better state I'm in to embrace life after a few months of funemployment, the better me I can present to the world. The world needs people at their best, people who are centered, relaxed, and happy. There's just too much shit that goes wrong when people don't present their best selves to the world. 

Can you tell I'm really into motivational/spiritual self-help books? Ugh. I eat that shit up. 

One big thing is turning off the negative chatter box in your head. I got so used to waking up each day thinking of all of the didn'ts.  "Oh I didn't get up early enough." "I didn't write when I said I would." "I didn't workout." "I didn't eat well last night."  Having that many didn'ts in your head is not a good way to start any day. What I'm trying to do (and yes it would be better not to be lazy, but what's done is done) is to think of the good. "Wow, I slept so well." "Oh yay, I'm in London with two of my friends and excited for another day with them." "Ok, I wish I got up sooner, but I'm happy and healthy, so what more could I ask for to start a day." 

I'm practicing this thought pattern over the prior. It's hard to change. The key isn't to use it as an excuse for laziness, but not to dwell negatively on things you can change, no matter how small (or big). All you have in the present, and you cannot change what’s been done. It seems petty, but those little bits of negative compound over time. 

So I got up really late, like noon,  maybe even noon thirty. 

Biscuit was already up trying to sort out her packing since she's on the move. Moving your life is tough. After I helped her sort out her suitcase it was like 3pm. In unison we were like, “Want cake?“ and then in unison again we both said, "Yes, and let's not forget where we are. We need tea too!" So we went to a nice bakery and sat at a nice table and ate cake and drank coffee, because when it came down to it we actually wanted coffee, not tea. 

We talked about life, love, and stuff like that. Biscuit is a dear dear friend and I'm lucky to have her. We always see eye to eye and are very similar in the way we look at life. She's a woman of the world, just like me. We are women of the world — together.  

We heard from one of her Aussie mates, Sweetie, who we were meeting that night for dinner. Sweetie was also in the process of uprooting her life to London and was moving into a new flat that afternoon. She called Biscuit and was like, “Um yeah I'm still on for dinner, but my apartment has no toilet." She was planning to rent a hotel, since her newly renovated flat once again wasn't ready. I was like “Wait, no, "she must share my futon." She did the whole Aussie friendliness thing, and tried refusing. And I did the whole adults splitting the check thing, like “No no, I insist.” So I had a slumber buddy that night with my new aussie mate. 

We went over to her new flat soon after. It's NYC-style small, but has everything she needs and is in a great location. I love peeping on other people's apartments. It's a great passion of mine (and another reason Airbnb is cool). 

We headed out to dinner, our hairs frizzy from London drizzles, at a local vegetarian spot. 

That girl in the middle is so damn Sweet, it might just kill you.

That girl in the middle is so damn Sweet, it might just kill you.

Don't let the word 'vegetarian' make you think healthy. We gorged on veg food and wine. Titi met us as we were waiting for our table. We had to wait a while so got pretty buzzed during the wait. Buzzed enough to totally over-order, but then eat it all anyways. It was really fun. 

Once someone asked what my three top pleasures in life were. Obviously sex was one, but another for me was great meals with friends. You know when you are just really fucking enjoying, drinking, laughing, eating great food. Wow. That's the best. I can't remember the third. After dinner I meant to go meet up with another Aussie mate who was in town, but it had gotten too late and I didn't have it in me. Another thing I'm trying to do is recognize when I don't have it in me and just say "sorry, no." Life goes on. This is what I did. 

We headed home and I knew I had to be up early. I was moving my bag to Frau Jess's in the am before she went to work. The thought of being up early combined with some sort of anxiety about something kept me up most of the night. That sucked, but generally it was fun I survived. Titi and biscuit were off to France the next day so I said my farewells before bed. I had a fantastic stay with them and am looking forward to reuniting in France in mid-July. 

"And now it's Thursday. Your last day in London. Please tell me it was good."

You'll have to wait and see. 

  1. Got up early
  2. Went over to Frau Jess’s
  3. AM coffee with Frau Jess
  4. Rested, wrote, and booked a flight to Spain
  5. Went to tea with Ada’s mum (one of my great Airbnb guests) and met her new baby, Ada.
  6. Took selfies all over London
  7. Met up with Frau and some of her friends and an ex-boyfriend who I hadn’t seen in a while (just friends, guys)
  8. Went to dinner with a Frau and her international gal friends and got too buzzed for a work night