Funemployed Day 56: I deeply desire to grow

“I deeply desire to grow.” - Biscuit and my mantra for the afternoon from our super zen, friendly yoga instructor. She reminded us that through chaos and uncertainty you can find growth if you want it. It’s hard no to get sucked in to the chaos. It’s a good time for creativity. 

Tl:dr: Woke up super late, ran after Biscuit and Titi, chasing them to the best of my ability, power walked to yoga class, yoga-d, namaste-d, ate lunch, hung around, made dinner, went to a concert. YEEHAW. 

This morning I got up, as I do most days — late.

I didn’t have coffee or breakfast in bed, so I was basically worse off than the last two days, but still pretty happy and enjoying my stay in London. Buscuit and Titi were ready again to hit the canals of Islington in their running gear. I agreed to go along, and chase them from behind. Biscuit and I planned to go to a yoga class in the afternoon. Running and yoga are a great way to get the local vibe of whatever area you are in. I love trying out things I would do at home when I’m traveling, as opposed to just hitting the touristy spots. It gives you a more authentic feel of a place. I say, whatever your hobby is, try it in a new city. 

Biscuit and Titi are planning to move to London, so they are really on the feel for good neighborhood vibes as they decide where to live. I just tagged along. I’ve been to London plenty of times, since I have been known to fall prey to long distance relationships with Brits (only 2 ok). This time I wasn’t here for a man. I was here for a man AND a woman — Titi and Biscuit. I was like their pet for a few days, like an old dog, following them around, panting for air and begging for water, refusing to move any further until I got it. This was how the run went. It was a great route along the canals. You pass tons of house boats where people live, some refurbished loft apartments, and cool cafes (almost as cool as Brooklyn). 

We always run like this, until I run out of air, and he keeps going.

We always run like this, until I run out of air, and he keeps going.

We were planning to get coffee but we ran out of time (no pun intended). Biscuit and I had to rush to our yoga class. Good thing I had that spoonful of peanut butter before our run or I would have collapsed in class. 

We went to a place called The Life Centre, and it was nearly as profound as it sounds. The class was excellent. More on the spiritual side than the sweating side, just what we needed to clear our minds and get centered. The teacher was gorgeous, friendly, and radiated zen. I fell in yoga teacher lust. She will be in NYC (long distance relationship) (fist bump) so I'll have to track her down there. 

Next we left class, stinky, but happy. We popped into a local organic shop for some green juice to fuel our bodies, then made some eggs at home. Our only other plan for the day was to go to a concert (another favorite hobby to try in other cities). 

Get ready for what's next.

"'Pom frites' means french fries, you idiot."

"'Pom frites' means french fries, you idiot."

We hung around the flat. Titi taught Biscuit some French, which was very cute to watch. They have daily lessons. I may have picked up a word or two. Then biscuit and I braved the drizzles to go grocery shopping. It was my turn to cook, as a thank you to those two for letting me be their old dog all week. I made sausage, veg, and potatoes -- pretty straightforward and also pretty English. We were attempting not to drink alcohol. 

Right when I got home with groceries in unison we all looked at each other sulking, "But what's dinner without wine?"  Titi did us a solid and went out in the rain to save the day, bringing back a bottle of white. We enjoyed our dinner, especially the fact that there were vegetables in it (somehow thinking this would counter balance many nights of drinking). 

I messaged my friend from Texas to see if he wanted to go to a concert with us.

Biscuit and I randomly chose a gig to check out, listening to one song, deciding, "That'll do." I asked some friends to join. My friend was like, "Well I'm actually going to another gig tonight. Want to come?"

Yes. We did. So we did. 

We met Texas and a few of his friends at a bar in Dalston called Birthdays. I drank a beer, and then some wine, and then a little more wine (throughout the night). We chatted and enjoyed catching up again, then watched two bands play. It was a free show, and I was impressed by the caliber based on the freeness. I love having low expectations of things, because they are typically wildly surpassed. This was one of those cases. After the show we walked home in the drizzles (ugh, London). It was another slightly-eventful-but-not-too-eventful-as-to-strain-ourselves day. 

Blurry because of the drizzle. Just ignore the blur and just notice how happy we are to be high school friends, reunited. 

Blurry because of the drizzle. Just ignore the blur and just notice how happy we are to be high school friends, reunited. 

The. What happens on Wednesday, hump day, Miz? 

  1. A whole lot of not a lot
  2. Not much more
  3. Then dinner