Funemployed Day 55: Mondays in London don't suck

"No quote today" - Me, because I do what I want. 

Tl;dr: Woke up, coffeed, coffeed again, went to a gallery like a cool rich person, sat in a park, blogged in a park, went to a bar, watched football (soccer to you, if you aren't worldly), ate meat, watched more football. 

I'll get going at my normal daily or bi-daily (otherwise known as every other day) routine.

Bi-daily could mean every two days or twice a day. I mean the former when I say bi-daily. Let's get to it. This was Monday in London, and if I was writing this post on time I would have said some things like this...

I woke up late on my London flat futon.

Titi, my French friend, was sitting at the computer in front of me. I said, "Bonjour, Titi." He was like, "Bonjour, beautiful friend." Then I was like, "Make me coffee." He did this for me on Sunday, so I was already expecting the gesture daily. Biscuit, my Aussie mate, was off at a meeting with some startup CEO, because all the tech startups want a piece of her. I noticed that Titi was dressed very nice, like business casual, for his day of work at home. "Did you dress up for me?" "No, I just don't have any other clothes." He's saved room in his suitcase for all of Biscuit's extra shit. That's cute. 

Omg, isn't he a cutie? That's Titi, guys. He's taken, so back the fuck off. This picture was from another day and I wasn't even there, but I stole it. IDGAF. 

Omg, isn't he a cutie? That's Titi, guys. He's taken, so back the fuck off. This picture was from another day and I wasn't even there, but I stole it. IDGAF. 

Soon after I had my coffee (that I made myself) Biscuit got back. We were like, "Hi, Biscuit!" I'm pretty sure she said "Hi" back, but don't quote me on that. Then we ate some toast with peanut butter. 

Biscuit and I were ready to hit the town.

It's always tough to figure out what to do on a free Monday in London. She had a guide book especially for cool people, so we decided to take a peek at the suggestions. We went to Monocle coffee shop. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but now I'm a huge fan. They produce a bi-monthly (as in every other month) magazine (more like a book) on culture, current affairs, fashion, and art. It's great and I've been slowly consuming and enjoying the content since last week. 

Please, only go here if you are cool.

Please, only go here if you are cool.

Anyways, they also have a few coffee shops, London being home-base. We got coffee here and I sat and wrote about my time in Dublin. Biscuit read stuff while I wrote. Next we went to another suggestion from the book of cool stuff, a gallery called "I forget, but I'll replace this if I ever remember." It was a nice space, but I wasn't thrilled with the art. This guy was trying to make a statement about technology and stuff like that, but the description seemed like a bunch of inflated rhetoric to me. 

Wow, am I in London or what?

Wow, am I in London or what?

Next we were like, "Ok, what the fuck should we do now?" "Maybe another cool coffee shop?" I can't get enough coffee shops. "Nah." Instead we went to Marks & Spencer, grabbed some cheap lunch items (think salad, yogurt, fruit, iced coffee) and headed to Hyde Park to park it in the park. We sat on park chairs that a park guard made us pay for and did park things, like blogging. 

#blogaboutit Hyde Park.

#blogaboutit Hyde Park.

Then it was coming to the football part of the day.

If you live under a rock and didn't know, the Euro Cup was going on. It's a good time to watch sports in Europe. We went to a great outdoor bar called Magic Roundabout. It felt very Brooklyn (meaning "cool"). We met Titi here to watch some football. I can't remember who played, but I can tell you this: they were European and one team won. 

Now we wanted meat. Really, Biscuit was dying for a burger. Titi and I just couldn't hold her back, so we obliged. We went to a fantastic burger spot call Meat Mission in Hoxton. Titi made us order a bottle of wine and two types of french fries (he forced us, really). He was like, "Know why they are called French fries?" "No, and I don't care." "Because the cut of the potato is known as a French cut." "Oh." I enjoyed the fries a little more armed with this new information. The burgers were great. Mine was pretty spicy -- just spicy enough to make your nose run. 

We walked around the corner to catch football game number two for the evening.

This one was Iceland vs. England. The bar wasn't too rowdy unfortunately, but my friend Frau Jess (American gal who I met in Germany) met us, so that help liven the mood. We cheered on Iceland, because you just had to cheer for them, those blond, cute little underdogs (or should I say underdogsons). They won. I smooched Fraulein goodbye and said, "See ya in two days, when I come mooch off of you and sleep in your bed."

We headed home. After encountering a drunk man named Gary (who didn't like that we called him Gazza and who slurred at us about England losing), I saw a little grey fox on someone's front stoop. This was exciting and a little scary for me, since I'm not used to foxes in neighborhoods. I am used to slurring drunk men in neighborhoods, but not foxes. I'm sure you are thrilled (and probably a little scared and excited) to hear about this fox siting. 

Next we went to bed. I most likely stayed up late reading on the Interwebs about #Brexit and stuff like that. 

Yet again, this Monday did not suck. When you are funemployed Mondays very rarely suck. 

"What did you do on Tuesday, I'm dying to know?" You're so pushy, but ok. 

  1. Got up
  2. Ran behind my fast mates for 6k, stopping to walk many times. 
  3. Speed walked with Biscuit to yoga
  4. Did yoga
  5. Hung out at the flat
  6. Made dinner
  7. Went to meet my TX friend at a concert in Dalston