Funemployed Day 34: Life is like a box of chocolates

"Happiness is a choice we make everyday... Other people/things do not make us happy, angry or sad. Generally speaking, happiness is associated with family friends, personal achievement, and helping others." - Crazy-Joe. Great advice from my wise pops. 

 Tl;dr: Slept in, helped my aunt with computer things, got advice from Crazy-Joe, wrote, ate, and shit like that y'all. 

It was the lord’s day, so I slept in. “Well if the lord gets to do it, then for fuck’s sake, so do I!”

It was a rainy one out, a Pennsylvania rain event. I spent most of the day indoors on a computer. First next to my aunt. We did a step-by-step tutorial of Paypal, Ebay, and Craigslist. She was like, “I need to sell stuff. Can you help me?” “Yeah, sure. How much ya gunna pay me though?” Jk. For family it’s free. They just have to buy all of my groceries and put a roof over my head. We had a really productive am. I’m excited for her to sell shit. I even get excited about other people selling shit. It’s real. I do. I drank my first cup of coffee. We had to make up three new passwords. That’s a funny exercise. If you’re like, “Ok, ready, go, make up a new password.” Your mind just blanks, then you think of some random ass words to put together. I hope it doesn’t say anything about your personality, the words you choose. Weirdness. 

I have an app that saves all of my passwords. It costed me $50 and it was worth every penny. I used to get so stressed and overwhelmed about passwords. How can you keep track of all of them? And god knows you cannot repeat a password across platforms, you’re just asking to get robbed then. I recommend One Password. It sync’s across computer and phone, and it generates strong passwords for you. End tangent. 


Next I sat down with my dad for a few hours of life advice.

Crazy-Joe is my hero. He’s really an awesome guy and I look up to him a lot. I give my parents shit, but they are pretty fucking awesome. Everyone who knows them agrees, and if you don’t agree, you are an asshole. So my dad wanted to impart some wisdom on me. He has plenty. I think I need to make a podcast of his advice and stories, specifically I want him to share the story of the random guy who influenced his path so greatly. He’s never even met the guy.

He has lots of great life advice about steering your own train, living within your means, and managing your finances. I was feeling like “Oh, I bet my dad had it all figured out by the time he was my age.” Nope. That was comforting, like “Ok, I still have some time to get my shit together.”  He gave me a typed out list of his 26 pieces of advice. I’m pretty much aware of all of them, since I’ve known him for 27 years now, but it’s really nice to have this one-sheet of his top pieces of advice. Then in true form, when I asked him to email it to me, he was like, “Oh I don’t know where it is. I just printed two copies.” It’s called technology, dad. I’m going to retype it, so I have it forever. It was a great convo and I am totally inspired by him. I like to think I’m a lot like him. He’s an excellent people-person, grounded, silly, and head-strong (sounds like me right?).

When life gives you noodles, Zoodle.  

By now I was well into the afternoon. I sat down and wrote for a bit, then helped prepare a big salad for dinner. We were having spaghetti with meat sauce. My mom bought me a zoodler, this thing you used to cut up vegetables into noodle shapes. It was awesome. I had zoodles with pasta sauce since I’m trying to eat more veg.

I opted for post-dinner godiva chocolate instead of pasta and bread at dinner. Good choice on my part. I made sure to read the Godiva guide closely to pick a winner. You always take a big risk going in blind. Like I always say, “Life is like a box of chocolates, if you plan well, heed good advice, and read the instructions, you can get it right.”  I got the coconut one. We all know the coconut ones are the best.

My pup under the table. I feel ya, Stella.  

My pup under the table. I feel ya, Stella.  

Tomorrow I head to State College, PA

  1. Run with my cousin.
  2. Train to Philly
  3. Train to Lewistown, PA
  4. Greeted and driven to my aunt and uncle's house.
  5. Wegman's!
  6. Get sick
  7. Eat Dinner
  8. Couch