Funemployed Day 32: Fill your day with friend-dates

"You ready to order or what?" - Our waiter at a Greek restaurant in Astoria. No "hello" or anything. They aren't messing around at this place. 

Tl;dr: I forgot the Tl;dr and my mom kindly pointed this out. My apologies, Mom and the rest of my fan-base (Dad). Spun my legs really fast with friend from Seattle, drank leafy greens, ate pizza with friends from SF, cleaned like a crazy person, greeted new guests in showgirl fashion, explored Astoria with Croatian.

Healthy friend-dates are a new staple in my life. 

It used to be like, "Hey Miz, let's go party and stay out until 4am!" Party-Miz was in full force and was like, "Oh hell yes!" After two solid years of this in NYC, I've changed my ways. Yes, I still love a good night out once every few months, but now I'm more of a, "Hey Miz, let's go to spinning and get a green juice after." kinda gal. This is exactly what Seattle Gal asked me to do in Friday am. She's a former co-worker who moved to Seattle last year. I was so excited when she reached out and said she'd be in NYC. I couldn't wait to catch up. 

Sadly I ran late to class and our bikes weren't even next to each other's. I waved across the room and was like, "Hi Seattle Gal, I'm here! Spin your legs fast. I'm with you, girl!" Our teacher was like the lead singer of an 80's glam rock band, with the loud, excited "Oww, Ohh YEAH" sounds she made. We spun our legs fast. 

Seattle gal and I sweaty-hugged after class. We wandered around Chelsea and got ourselves some green juices to nourish our post-spinning bods. Mine was so green and leafy that I couldn't even finish it. It was filling. We chatted and chatted until I realized, "Oh shit, I have a luch date soon. Gotta run!" The subway was delayed getting back to Brooklyn, so I had no time to stop home. I headed to lunch sweaty and frizzy-haired. 

Good friends don't care when you look like shit. 

This is comforting. My other former-coworker friend (Cindy, since she resembles Cindy Crawford) was in town from San Francisco with her boyfriend. Last time I saw him was in SF when I tagged along with them to a 90s cover-band concert. He was in heaven here rocking out to Blink-182 and the like. This was when I fell in friend love with Cindy and 90s Guy. You know when you meet people and you're like, "Wow, I like that person. Wow, I also like this other person that she calls her significant other. I'm in friend love." That's how I feel with these two. It was nice to catch up. 

We went to Roberta's in Bushwick and smashed some midday pizza. Then we popped in a local junk shop, because 90's Guy and I share an affinity for junk. We picked up junk and went, "Wow that's nice junk," then we put it down and started walking back to Williamsburg. On the way home 90's guy stopped for a donut. Our real intention was to find a bathroom. There wasn't a bathroom at the Donut shop, but he felt obliged to support the business. We found a toilet in this convenience store across the street. The door was hidden behind a drink fridge. This was the second sign that it was going to be a gross bathroom. The first sign was that the store was nasty. I was right. The bathroom was gross. You learn to deal when nature calls. 

I wanted to show off my pad, so we headed back to mine. I was also hoping they'd pitch in to clean. They didn't clean, but they did take out my trash when they left. That was nice. 

Next I speed-cleaned my apartment

I was playing a game that was called, "How fast can you clean your apartment?" I won the game, since I was the only one competing. I gave myself a pat on the back. I packed my suitcase, as I had some Irish Airbnb guests arriving. Just as I finished cleaning and packing the guests arrived. I pretended that I was straight chilling before their arrival, when in fact I was sweating from running around my apartment, cleaning in record time. My place looked great. I did my whole welcome song and dance, (Imagine me in sparkles with a feather boa, doing the can-can, twirling around with jazz hands, singing, "Hi guys, it's me Miz, I'm your amazing host! Here's my apartment. Here's the wifi details. Here's all the other stuff. Make yourselves at hooooooomeeeee!" Maybe I should be a showgirl. 

I treated myself to an Uber. Sometimes it's better to just take the subway. 

That was a bad idea. I was heading to Croatian's in Astoria. This dude took me way out of my way. It took over an hour. I can't talk about it. 

I haven't spent much time in Astoria, so I got a personal tour from Croatian mostly involving bars. I did say I love healthy friend-dates, but I do still enjoy a good beer. On our way to the beer garden I made sure to smell every flower that I passed because they always say to "stop and smell the roses". I did that. We hit up a beer garden where we sat outside and chatted about all things life (with large beer steins in hand). 

Astoria is funny.

It's so different from Brooklyn, but so close in proximity. There's a ton of first and second generation Europeans, and you can feel it in the air (in an American-European kind of way). We went to the most Greek of all Greek restaurants for dinner. Croatian had been dying to try it. This place was packed. We waited over an hour to get a table and didn't sit down until after 10pm. Luckily they gave us complimentary wine while we waited. 

We got free wine. I actually had red wine. I took this pic from Yelp because I didn't take any photos on Friday. Oops.

We got free wine. I actually had red wine. I took this pic from Yelp because I didn't take any photos on Friday. Oops.

I just couldn't stop staring at the people around us. It was straight out of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." The food was awesome. The portions were huge. The waiters had to do that game where they figure out just how to fit all of these massive plates onto your tiny table, moving around your drinks, scooching over the bread basket, etc. I saw this game happening at every table. If I were one of those waiters, I'd just be like "I'm sick of this bullshit!" I'd drop the Greek salad on the ground and walk out. Luckily I'm not one of those waiters. 

Greek salad up close. Also not my picture, but this is just what our salad looked like. I wouldn't lie about salad. 

Greek salad up close. Also not my picture, but this is just what our salad looked like. I wouldn't lie about salad. 

I'm lucky to live in a city where I'm constantly surrounded my new and different. You don't have to go far out of your way to have a novel experience. This is special. 

And it's the weekend again. So soon!

  1. Wake up
  2. Head into the city, early for my bus
  3. Park it near Port Authority to eat and write
  4. Nearly miss my bus because I'm an idiot
  5. Get home
  6. Family and animal time