Funemployed Day 31: Early to rise

"No quote." - Me. I can't remember any. 

Tl;dr: Awakened by my drive to write, wrote, coffeed with a guy from Airbnb, Pure barred, happy houred, and chilled with friends. 

I got up super early on Thursday. 

I woke up before 7am because the yapper in my head was yapping a lot, in the best way possible. I just wanted to write, so I got up, made some coffee, sat on the couch, and typed away. I was content. I wrote for a good three hours, with some short breaks to text friends (other early birds) and browse the web. I pumped out some great content (if I do say so myself), and felt quite pleased. What a nice way to start my day bright and early. 

Then I got a shit message on Airbnb. WTF. 

I mentioned a lady in Day 29 who was pissed because I had to cancel on her. I admitted that it was my mistake and apologized profusely. Originally when she booked, her friend reached out first. This friend knows the neighborhood and had a lot of Airbnb travel experience (since this lady just couldn't figure it out herself) (red flag that I ignored). Friend of shitty lady sent me the shittiest message accusing me of lying and practicing dirty business (just trying to get more money from a better reservation), and basically flat-out called me a liar. I WAS FUMING.

I sent her a very rational and grounded message back. I wanted to yell, "SHUT UP YOU IDIOT. THIS DOESN'T EVEN PERTAIN TO YOU AND IT'S MY APARTMENT. I CALL THE SHOTS HERE." Instead I said stuff like, "Excuse me, I have two listings. I admitted to your friend that I made a mistake and was very very sorry. I'm sure life will bring much bigger challenges than having to reserve a new place one month before your friend's trip, so I think we can get through this. Please contact Airbnb instead of me next." I hope she felt dumb. It's funny when things don't work out in your favor you go out of your way to demonize the person on the other end. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. Let's start with the assumption that someone isn't doing something maliciously and go from there. 

Ironically, I was going to get coffee with a guy who works at Airbnb right after this. 

I left before noon to meet a guy who works at Airbnb. He had called me on Wednesday night out of the blue. "Hey this is Airbnb Guy. I work at Airbnb for our community team. Want to get a coffee?" I was like, "Yes, tomorrow!" I didn't even ask why. I found the only Airbnb Guy that worked at Airbnb on LinkedIn later and it said something about "Legal Team" in his title. Part of me was like, "Shit, am I in trouble?" I went to meet him anyways. I wasn't in trouble. 

I hang out here. So do my Airbnb guests.

I hang out here. So do my Airbnb guests.

Airbnb Guy's job is to get to know hosts, create community, and keep people up-to-date on all things legal. We had an awesome chat about all my thoughts on Airbnb and how I use the platform. I am an Airbnb fan-girl so this was really fun for me. I loved hearing his perspective from inside the company that I admire. I gave some constructive feedback as well. I even told him about the situation that just happened with the shit-lady and her shit-friend. He agreed that I was in the right here. If those two ladies wouldn't have been such assholes I would have asked him to help them out, but I told him not to worry about helping. We had a great chat. I'm pretty excited to have a trusted contact at Airbnb now. 

I had to save up the rest of my energy for barre class later. 

I was pretty tired from my early am. I chilled on my bed and chatted to Biscuit on the phone. Funny enough, she was staying in a great Airbnb and told me all about her awesome hosts. I pulled on my leggings and got myself to Pure Barre in Williamsburg. This was the first time I've been back since my first day of funemployment. I felt stronger and more toned, due to all this free time that I've put to good use. I'm also in a much better mental state. Feels good. I tucked, twisted, pulsed, and plié-ed my way through class. 

Next I headed into the city to meet Philly Girl for happy hour.

She works for this awesome non-profit company called B-Corp. They were having a conference in NYC and I joined just in time for the free booze. We didn't last too long there (we can't drink like we used to) and headed uptown to the W Hotel. Her twin sister was staying here, so Philly Girl was mooching off of her sister's hotel room, as any good twin would. Sadly, I didn't get to see Philly Girl's other half, but I'll see her next week in Chi-town. She was busy at some advertising industry award ceremony winning trophies for tampon commercials. 

I headed home and made dinner with all the food left in my fridge. It wasn't my best creation, but it did the trick. Croatian came over and shared some beer with Guest 100 and me. We all enjoyed hanging out. T'was nice. 

What did you do on Friday!?

  1. Got out of bed
  2. Spun my legs with a friend from Seattle
  3. Ate pizza with friends from SF
  4. Cleaned the pad
  5. Greeted Irish guest
  6. Uber-ed way out of my way
  7. Explored Astoria with Croatian (went to Greek place that was SO Greek)