Funemployed Day 54: The United Nations of Miz and Biscuit

"Do you want me to take the picture or what?" - Impatient Aussie bartender. I think she was just upset that she wasn't in it. I would have been too. We did take a long time to get situated. I'll give her that. 

Tl;dr: Ran along the London canals with my mates Biscuit and Titi, popped home for showers and a delicious homemade breakfast, got together with all of the party peeps that Biscuit and I know in London-town, and had some drinks and Sunday roast y'all.

Left to right: Germany, USA, England, France, Australia, USA, Australia x 4

Left to right: Germany, USA, England, France, Australia, USA, Australia x 4

I admit, it's been a while since I've written. I'm back though. and I still remember this day (Sunday, June 26th) as if it were yesterday. 

I woke up at the flat of Titi and Biscuit, and was immediately offered a coffee by Titi. I was like, "Yep, I'll take that," barely moving off the futon/couch-thingy to grab for the small cup of espresso, then downing it in one gulp. I would have advised Titi not to enable me like this, setting my expectations for a week of coffee in bed, but I didn't have time to warn him. 

After my morning dose of coffee, we put on our running clothes and headed out to explore the town. Outwardly I was like, "Oh yeah, I'll totally go for a run with you guys." Inwardly I was like, "Fuck, these fuckers are fast and I'm going to suffer trying to keep up with them." Biscuit and Titi are lovers of running. Their legs move much faster than mine. They are nice friends though, and kept a liesurely pace so I could keep up. 

Her legs work way better than mine. 

Her legs work way better than mine. 

The best part was that we were running for bread. I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel, an amazing bakery in Islington, London. I chased them through the streets with my reward in mind. Finally, I couldn't keep up any more and started walking. They ran back to me and pumped me up, "Miz, bread and coffee are just at the end of this street." They know how to get me moving. I made it. The smell of the bakery filled the street. We bought a big loaf to bring home and enjoyed some coffees at a table outside. 

Once we got home, we all took showers and Titi made us a fantastic breakfast of eggs, vegetables, toast, and avocado. Yum. This was him enabling me again, setting my expectations high for the rest of the week together. I expected coffee in bed and breakfast made for me from here on out. Why, Titi, Why!? 

Next we sat around until it was time to go to the bar. We earned our drinks though. 

This is one of the few days on my month long trip that I will earn anything. The rest of the trip I just indulge regardless. After lolling about the flat, Titi left us to go watch France play in the Euro-cup. Biscuit and I left soon after to head to a bar, where we had organized a happy hour with the mixed bag of people that we know in London. Not just random people -- friends. 

We got to this bar and it was just the two of us, so we took selfies (after we ordered wine). 

Only two people at the bar at 3pm on a Sunday

Only two people at the bar at 3pm on a Sunday

Slowly our friends started to arrive. We both know a handful of people in London, and thought it would be easiest to just get everyone together on one day. It was a great idea and it was super fun.

This was my crew: A friend from Texas (who I permanently picture as a 17 year old in my high school psychology class), a friend from my old job (also from Texas by chance), a friend from Airbnb (she was a fabulous guest), a friend from Michigan (who I met in Germany) and her German boyfriend (also my friend, not just a side-piece), and one more friend from England (who I met in NYC). 

This was biscuit's crew: A bunch of fucking Australians. Oh, and that one British guy from work. 

Let me mention that I love Aussies and her friends were lovely. We had a fantastic time, and it was fun to see this random assortment of people all interact and have fun together. Titi joined us after the France soccer game and also added to the mix with his French-ness.

My heart was swelling with joy. There is nothing I love more than bringing people together, especially when it's people that I love. We hopped to a few more bars, and the crew shrunk and grew as people left and new ones showed up. 

My m8s

My m8s

I schooled a few people at Connect Four (remember that game?) at the second bar we were at. I did tell them my secret to success: many years of practice on the toilet. I had an electronic Connect Four growing up, and it held a permanent place in my bathroom. Please don't ask my why. I do not know. This was before cell phones, Candy Crush, and Words with Friends. 

He's like, "Wtf Miz, how are you so good?" 

He's like, "Wtf Miz, how are you so good?" 

We started to get hungry. A few people were not just hungry, they were HANRGY. 

Don't fuck with hangry people, especially hangry women. Bisctuit and her friend went in search of a Sunday roast, the Sunday pub staple in the UK. It was surprisingly hard to find food around here. Places stop serving early. It's no round-the-clock NYC. They finally found a spot, and promptly ordered all the roasts that they had left in the kitchen (just 3), and the only other option on the menu -- fish and chips. We had one more dish than there were people, so I had two dinners. I felt extra British eating both fish and chips AND a Sunday roast. 

I was supremely buzzed by this point in the evening, as was the rest of the crew. The food helped a bit. Then we were like, "Who wants ice cream!?" and at the same time we joined hands singing, "We all do!" (it went something like that). So we went to get ice cream (or gelato if you want to be specific). By this point the crew had dwindled to about six people, the solid core of the crew. We enjoyed ice cream together while a few crew members talked of work the next day, and while Biscuit and I just smiled and gazed at each other in funemployment bliss. 

After this we parted ways. It was just me third-wheeling (and activity I love) with one of my favorite couples again. We headed back to the flat, where I took my place on the futon for the night, prepping for a Monday full of no plans. 

It was another great day.  

Just another funemployment Monday... 

  1. Woke up late to Titi in business casual in my bedroom (also used as the kitchen and living room)
  2. Went to coffee shop with Biscuit
  3. Went to a shit gallery
  4. Went to a park
  5. Went to a bar to watch soccer
  6. Ate burgers
  7. Went to another bar to watch soccer, joined by my friend Frau Jess