Funemployed Day 52: See yourself to the #Brexit

"Goooood Morning! They voted to leave, the Sterling is crashing, and shit is crazy." - Yer Man tearing into the news just as I woke up. I thought he was joking. I really didn't believe him. He wasn't lying. What the hell. This was the main topic of conversation all day.

After getting the Brexit news from Yer Man, I found Yer Wan cooking breakfast in the kitchen. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like my breakfast ready for me when I wake up, so I knew this would be a great day. She made us eggs Benedict. Yum yum, my friends. After our late breakfast I had a proper, hot shower, since my friends were home to properly turn on the hot water for me. Next we discussed what to do with our day, as it was raining on and off. I was like, “Well, let’s just check the weather.” They were like, “The thing is, we usually avoid checking the weather, because it’s usually bleak.” Makes sense. We hopped in the car, umbrellas in hand, and headed out to the country. This wasn't the only bleak news all day. 

We went to a place called Power’s Court.

An old estate with huge, beautiful gardens. When we arrived I thought, “Hmm, this place looks familiar.” Ends up I had been here before. The one place we decided to go, I had already been. I sheepishly told Yer Wan and Yer Man, “Umm, guys…this is the place I came last time.” We had a good laugh. This was where I had been when my friend and I missed our bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher. We signed up for a shorter, cheaper, consolation trip, and this is where it took us. That was fine. I just didn't remember that I had been there until I got there. 

I was really just here for the cake. 

Cake time y'all

Cake time y'all

There’s a famous Irish wool thingy and bakery called Avoca. Power’s Court thankfully had an Avoca cafe, so we skipped the garden tour and went straight for the lemon cake, lemon tart, and chocolate cake. We got way more dessert than necessary for 1pm, but “when in Ireland…” (as they say). We voted that my lemon tart was the best of the three desserts. I won. I wasn’t even trying. 

When it starts raining, it's not the time to eat cake outside.

We left just as it started spitting rain again. I got to enjoy my friends bickering about directions from the backseat. We headed back to their flat to park the car and took the bus out to start drinking for the evening. We stopped by the Jameson Brewery and opted to just have a drink at the bar instead of taking the over-priced tour. I enjoyed my cocktail immensely. It was a fruity whiskey dream. After this we wandered through one of the school’s of Art & Design and checked out some nice ceramics and pottery. This is the kind of stuff I’m into. Who doesn’t want to look at student made mugs in Dublin? Fuck you and your overpriced tours, I’ll look at mugs for free and analyze the dark art of some anxiety-ridden 21 year old. It spoke to me. 

You know when you have a meal and you’re like, “Wow that’s just what I needed.” That’s how this meal was.

We went to grab a bite to eat at a little casual falafel shop. I was very behind on my vegetable intake, so I made up for it in this meal, before I continued drinking alcohol for the rest of the night. Now our “night was but a pup” as Yer Wan said, meaning the night was young. Yer Man responded to this phrase saying, “I’ve never heard that phrase in my life.” I still liked it. We met their other friend, Herself (another way to describe a random woman) (We argued about names for her, where I threw out some more offensive Irish terms I learned like “Cute Hoor” or "Mad Yoke"). We had a drink outside in the sunshine before it started pissing down rain again (street drinking is one of the best things about Europe). Then we moved to another bar where we upped our game to cocktails, sitting under an awning on couches. 

Street dranks y'all

Street dranks y'all

The night was but a pup! We were just beginning. 

Yer Man found out I liked Old Fashioned and knew we had to go to this other bar to try their ‘Smokey Old Fashioned.” I was like, “OK.” It was amazing. Seriously. They smoked the thing and it tasted like a fucking campfire. Sip sip, yum. Then we moved on to a Japanese place for snacks and more cocktails. I upped my game to whiskey sours. We had a good buzz going by this point, and Yer Man, Yer Wan, and Herself were ready to show me the town. 

As I’m writing I keep remember more bars that we went to. Like, “Oh shit, yeah, we went to that place too.” Next we moved up to espresso martinis. There are amazing and always bring me back to my time in Australia, where my party game was on high, and I stayed up many a night drinking those. This was bar number four of the night so far. We got into “deep conversation” mode here, talking Brexit, mindfulness, life, aspirations, me telling Yer Wan how amazing a beautiful she was, me making sure Yer Man appreciates Yer Wan. “You must wake up every morning and be like, ‘Damn, I scored.’” Yer Man responded saying, “You must have never seen Yer Wan in the morning.” Ha. Good one. This is why I love them. 

Now it was time to hit the dance places. We went to another bar (notice I have no idea what the names of any of these places are). Here I drank some drinks, or maybe just one. We were up and dancing by the end of our time here, and it was time to hit the grimy, filthy club that they had been raving about called Coppers. They raved about it in that way that you rave about any local shit-show staple club. It’s one of those places you just have to experience. 

Coppers did not disappoint.

I felt like I was on a cruise ship, with a low ceilings, and an early 2000’svibe. We danced and danced to a lot of throwback music that I wish I could tell you what it was, but I can’t. I do know that I did dance. We danced so much that we worked up an appetite again, and this time for some dirty kebabs. We went to a place called Zetan’s. Yeah. It was full of drunk Irish people, but this didn’t hold me back from smashing this lamb pita.

Copper's y'all

Copper's y'all

We had picked up an American guy who joined our crew (thanks to Herself), and he proceeded to tell us he was going to vote for Trump. We proceeded to hold Yer Wan back from lashing out on this guy. Yer Man was actually promoting the lashing out, but she held back thankfully (in my opinion). Let’s just say Herself did not go home with this guy after this remark (not that she would have either way because she’s also a proper lady). 

Then it was my last day in Dublin. Pride day!

  1. Sleep in, since I was kind of wasted and got back at 5am
  2. Get up slowly
  3. Talk more about Brexit
  4. Walk into town for the Pride parade
  5. See all the types of gays (love gays)
  6. Get home, pack up, and hit the road
  7. Fly to London
  8. Meet Biscuit & Titi at our flat in Islington