Funemployed Day 48: You Americans are ridiculous

“You Americans are ridiculous.” -Mr. Croatian, as we passed a huge flat-screen TV just sitting by the trash outside of a Williamsburg apartment. Yes, I cannot deny it.  

Tl;dr: Went to the Dr. to make sure my body won’t fall apart while I travel for the next month, walked around a bit, went to a second-hand shop in Williamsburg, bought some clothes for cheap, met MC at said shop, picked up free plants on the street and carried them home in the sweltering summer heat, hung around the homestead while I attempted to pack, went out for a dinner date, ate ice cream, went to bed. 

I swung by the Dr. in the morning.

I had a sore throat for a few days at the beach, and after multiple episodes of Strep throat last summer, I just wanted to be safe. I didn’t have strep, so that’s good. I go to a great group of Doctors in the city, part of a company called One Medical. I am a One Medical fan-girl. They make Dr.’s visits really low stress, plus they have great decor in the offices. Sometimes I think I should just go to get design ideas, feigning sickness. 

After the brief Dr.’s visit, I walked around the city a bit, feeling bad for all the people with the Monday blues. No Monday blues for me.

I headed back to Williamsburg to Buffalo Exchange, and talked to my bestie out in LA on the phone for a while before going inside. I always love our catch-up sessions. It’s much easier to make the time difference work for us when I’m not working. She calls on her way to work, while I’m doing Funemployed things. We have a special relationship, living across the country from each other. She’s known me longer than any other friend, so we give each other good life advice, and always provide a listening ear. 

I proceeded indoors after my phone convo to feed my second-hand shopping addiction. I can’t go back to buying new clothes unless I get some type of great discount. I find it more fun to shop second-hand. I found a really nice pair of jeans, two designer shirts, and a unique pair of heels. I spent $75. MC met me mid-way through my shopping endeavor and grabbed a pair of shorts for himself, after approving of everything I wanted to buy. He’s a trooper. 

He’s been my best buddy through my funemployment.

I appreciate his easy-going nature, always willing to go along which whatever silly thing I have planned (or unplanned). On our walk home, there were a bunch of amazing free plants sitting out on the sidewalk. It was like a little sidewalk jungle. Really. I was like, “Let’s take some!” He was like, “You are leaving town for a month tomorrow.” “I don’t care, they are so pretty.” So here we are walking home, both carrying backpacks which we’ve just stuffed with new clothes, me with my new shoes strapped around my purse, and both of us with two arms full of plants. MC was carrying a lovely purple orchid that kept whacking him in the face as he walked. I dropped one of the plants as I walked in my door, spilling soil in the hallway. Shit. 

We chilled out at my apartment, ate some left-over Cronuts (Croissant donuts, non-NYC peeps) from my previous Airbnb guests, changed sheets, and tidied up for new guests arriving late that night. In the evening we went to get Korean BBQ nearby. We cooked the beef on our table. Magical. The food was good, but overpriced as usual. After dinner, I was like, “Want ice cream?” MC was like, “Not really.” I was like, “I do,” so we got ice cream. 

Mr. Croatian, half letting me take a picture of him, since he probably knows well where it will end up ( duh). 

Mr. Croatian, half letting me take a picture of him, since he probably knows well where it will end up ( duh). 

I was a bit stressed when we got home because I realized I was leaving the next day for 1 month. I needed to finish packing, but first I needed to get all my laundry done, and I needed to prep for the 5 Airbnb reservations that I have while I’m gone. That’s a lot of sheets and towels. MC reminded me not to stress, because that’s what he does, and it’s helpful. My new guests arrived as I was getting to bed. They are a cute young British couple. Lucky guys get my place to themselves. 

Off to Europe tomorrow evening.

  1. Therapy appointment, making sure I’m sane for the next month
  2. Green smoothie to fuel me for the day
  3. Shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond to get all the shit I should have gotten a month ago, but I didn’t
  4. Scrambling to get my shit together and prepped for all my Airbnb reservations
  5. Packing in a rush
  6. Subway to JFK, cutting it close for my flight.
  7. Delayed flight, sitting next to a baby
  8. Fly for 6 hours to Dublin (short flight actually!)