Funemployed Day 47: Leave the driving to Dad

"Happy Father's Day!" - Me to my dad after he'd already driven us for like 5 hours. I meant it when I said it, I just said it a little late. I had to nap first. 

Tl;dr: left the house at 6:30am, popped by McDonald’s because that’s what you do on road trips, napped in the back seat, popped by Panera, sat in the backseat, got on a train in Trenton with Young Donald, got back home, dropped my bags off, vagabonded around until Croatian was off of work, going to yoga and meeting Foodie-friend for dinner in between. 

Happy Father’s Day. Now drive for 7 hours, Dad. 

I learned how to tan from my pops. Happy Father's day to the best dad around!

I learned how to tan from my pops. Happy Father's day to the best dad around!

He’s a trooper, that Crazy-Joe. I know he was tired by the time we got back. I can’t thank my pops enough for treating us to another amazing week at the beach. I value those weeks more and more as time goes on. This year I was even a little sad when I got back to NYC. You get so used to being around so many family members during that week (18 of us) then you are plunked back into your life, without family. It just takes a day or so to adjust. 

It was a typical car ride for me. I napped for most of the trip. We stopped by MdDonald’s where they put sugar in my coffee despite me asking for no sugar. GOD DAMMIT! Then a few hours later we went to Panera where I had some green stuff (a salad) for the first time in a while. They have a great iced tea selection at Panera, if you happen to be looking for a great iced tea selection. 

We made it to Trenton a little after 2pm.

Young Donald and I hopped on the train back to NYC. He had to fly out early the next morning to Chicago for his consulting gig. They guy is all over the place. My apartment was rented out until Monday (this was Sunday) by a group visitng from Hong Kong. I just popped by the apartment to drop off my bag and pack a small overnight bag. Then I was homeless for the rest of the day. I went to my local grocery shop and got a green juice. Then I wandered around a little and signed up for a yoga class on Classpass. 

I went to 7pm yoga at one of my favorite local studios, Laughing Lotus. This was the best class. It’s called ‘Soul Sweat’. I had so much fun movin’ and groovin’ and sweating my butt off for an hour, not to mention connecting with my deeper inner-self (but really). I left that class feeling great, and reminded why I love that place. I really connect with that studio, because for a while it was my only respite when I was feeling like utter shit. I went there to find some stillness and peace. Now it’s just like a special addition to my already pretty great life. 

Right after class I rushed into the city to meet my Foodie-friend for dinner.

We went to a nice new restaurant called Le Turtle. I was not dressed for this place. Jean shorts and frizzy yoga hair, but whatever. We ate some amazing food. The beef carpaccio was the best damn thing I’ve ever tasted. Wow. We had a great time catching up, talking shop (like shopping) and life. We may see each other in France later this summer, a randevous that I hope happens. 

Foodie took her obligatory food picture, then I stole it by screen-shotting her Instagram post.

Foodie took her obligatory food picture, then I stole it by screen-shotting her Instagram post.

After dinner I headed over to Mr. Croatian’s. He kindly agreed to host me in Queens while I was homeless for a night. I was really happy to see him, and he me. We watched ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’ with his roomy and friend. It’s funny how Seinfeld can connect people all over the world. I’m kinda like that too I suppose, like a living breathing episode of Seinfeld. 

One more day in NYC.

  1. Go to the Dr. to make sure I’m alive for the next month (wanted to check up on this sore throat I had)
  2. Wander around
  3. Second hand shopping
  4. Meet Mr. Croatian again and let him hang out with me for the day (so nice of me)
  5. Get shit ready for new guests and for my trip
  6. Eat Korean BBQ
  7. Eat Cereal Milk ice cream from Milk Bar