Funemployed Day 44: Finding enlightenment at the beach

"Aunt Chicken, you can be the bald girl." - Bro assigning my cousin ball duty during our beach soccer game. We decided to give it a better name than 'ball girl,' because we felt like it. 

Tl;dr: Tennis with Trace-face and Uncle Computer, beachin', poolin', early dinner where we ate crabby soup, said goodbye to Uncle Big Dawg and crew, then got on with my life. I did "life-admin" and my friend Biscuit and I call it, planning for my month in Europe that's coming up quickly. I also spent a bunch of money on Amazon. 

I got up to dominate on the tennis court.

I sprung out of bed in a tennis skirt, with my racquet in hand. I had check-marks on my face because that's what happens when you sleep with your tennis racquet. It was ok though, because it doesn't matter what you look like around your family. You rock that waffle face if ya want. I haven't worn makeup all week, and don't plan on it. Fuck makeup. 

It was a scorcher out there. We played for about an hour until I couldn't move my legs anymore. I've been off my exercise routine and on the brownies, cookies, and ice cream (my family basically forces me to eat it). I have some work to do when I get home. Get my legs spinning again, my yoga on, etc. 

After tennis I did what one does when on a beach vacation. 

I went to the beach. I sat and read, "The Power of Now," a guide to enlightenment. Really. I am really into cheesy non-fiction. Usually on the subject of happiness, health, or self-improvement. Actually it's not cheesy to me. I like it. It helps remind me to embrace now, be present, and not take the moment-at-hand for granted. I am really a future thinker, so often times I have to take a step back and appreciate the present. It doesn't mean you can't think about the past or future, but it's a reminder that there is only now. Now is all you have. It's a bit of a mind-fuck to think about, so I can only handle that book in small chunks. 

We had an early-evening dinner. 

Some of the family were leaving that evening, so Aunt Lasagna organized a lovely crab-soup early dinner. Man, she can cook. It was delicious. After the early meal we went to hang out on the beach. There was a bit of beach soccer, where I screamed a lot, because the pressure of sport just gets me excited.

Aunt Chicken was assigned to be the 'bald girl' (typically known as the ball girl in regular soccer) running around the beach fetching our mini soccer ball. This wasn't regular soccer. We also shot 'gold' kicks, because 'gold' kicks have more flair than 'goal' kicks. Aunt Lasagna and Crusti beat Bro and I, so we tackled her in the sand to assert our dominance. Our parents watched on with pride. 

Uncle Computer and the rents looking on with pride

Uncle Computer and the rents looking on with pride

Aunt Lasagna and Crusti celebrating their win, while I mumbled expletives under my breath

Aunt Lasagna and Crusti celebrating their win, while I mumbled expletives under my breath

Then we played a bit of Scrabble and I sat out of the following card game to do my "life-admin," planning for all my Airbnb guests while I'm away in Europe. I have to coordinate check-in's, check-out's, laundry, and cleaning, making sure everything is covered while I'm frolicking around Europe. 

I also did some Amazon shopping, because there's nowhere else you can get a good deal on 48-count packages of toilet paper in NYC. I treated myself to a new cookbook and a travel yoga mat as well. I used the final pennies on my Amex gift cards that Delta kindly gave me for giving up my seat.

It's pretty crazy how well Amazon knows me, like "Just a quick reminder, Miz, you need a mattress pad because remember you've been meaning to get it since you threw that shitty, scratchy one out last year?" "Yes, Amazon, god dammit, how do you always know?" "Yeah, and what about those Nespresso coffee pods for your Airbnb guests?" "Yeah, that would be nice, but I can't afford those right now, Amazon, but thanks for trying. French press will do." 

By the time I was done filling and un-filling my cart with essential oils my family was in the movie room watching the US soccer game. I joined them in time to celebrate a win, then went about my business and got the heck to bed. I've been sleeping like a big baby here, and it just feels right. 

"TGI...wait what day is it again?"

  1. Wakeup
  2. Don't put on makeup
  3. Beach
  4. Pool
  5. Games
  6. Dinner
  7. Cards
  8. OJ Simpson 
Me and pops on the bitch, wait what? I mean beach. 

Me and pops on the bitch, wait what? I mean beach.