Funemployed Day 40: Flight delays and stuff like that

Tl;dr: Got myself to Laguardia, waited around for my flight, got delayed because we didn't have a flight attendant, waited more, got on the plane, A/C issue, got off the plane, more waiting, got on the plane, more waiting, finally made it to Norfolk, VA, then got picked up by family and headed to Outer Banks, NC.  

I arrived. It was actually dark when I arrived, but I didn't have a picture. This was taken on Monday (not Sunday). 

I arrived. It was actually dark when I arrived, but I didn't have a picture. This was taken on Monday (not Sunday). 

 If there's one fact in life you should know, it's that people suck at airports. 

That's just how it is. We all turn into uncared beasts and become the lowest versions of ourselves. Everything is an inconvenience, a nuisance, and makes you more willing to eat Auntie Ann's or Cinnabon, which have been strategically placed to take advantage of your weaknesses (not mine though) (you'd have to get me wasted before I'd be willing to eat that heart-attack-inducing shit). 

I actually enjoy going to the airport, because it means I'm going somewhere. I especially enjoy a nice international terminal. Domestic short-haul flights aren't so refined though. I was just grabbing a quick 45 minute flight down to Virginia to meet my family at the beach. I even got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. This is a rarity.  

I sat at my gate and chatted to a man in a Ohio State shirt. I looked down at my phone and realized it was 12:07pm. My flight was scheduled for 12:20pm. I was like, "OMG Mr., it's been fun looking at videos of your son playing lacrosse in your backyard, but I gotta run!" I thought I missed the boarding announcement. I went up to the gate like, "OMG, 3 minutes to spare, can I board?" "No." They hadn't started boarding. I didn't hear any announcements of a delay and the screens still said it was on time. Rah. At least keep us updated, people!

Then the waiting began.

All we knew was that our flight attendant was asked to go on another flight. They had no backup plan. A flight attendant for another flight called in sick, so we got screwed. The gate lady retreated into her shell, and wouldn't make announcements. I know it's not her fault, and I tried giving this lady the benefit of the doubt, but at least step up and show some confidence. She was incompetent. We were all getting so frustrated. "What's going on?" "Uhh, well, urmm, I don't have an update yet. We have no flight attendant." Ok great, but it would help if you said that to everyone sitting here in the waiting area, not just whispering in quietly to me. An hour later a flight attendant showed up. We board the plane. It's hot. 

I saw a girl getting on the plane looking disheveled, then the pilot came over the speaker. "We have the A/C on half speed because we are waiting for the maintenance guys to come check something out. The plan got too hot while we were waiting here for the last hour and it set off a signal." Obviously there was no maintenance guy available. Two people on the back of the plane got sick. Then we were told to get off of the plane, since it was too hot. "Feel free to leave your stuff though." More waiting with no updates from anyone at the gate. Then finally, "We will be moving gates. Before we do that, we need you to get your things off of the plane." Great. There was no order. People marched on the as other folks were pushing their way off the small plane. Ugh. 

We got to our new gate, and did some more sitting and waiting with no updates from the gate agent. I watched a guy hit up Auntie Anne's for an extra-long pretzel dog. I sat and judged him. Now it was three hours after our original departure time. My aunt and uncle were picking me up in Norfolk on their drive down from PA. By this point I was like, "Hey family, not sure I'll make it today." They were like, "it's ok, we'll wait." Ok, fine. I didn't feel good about it. I knew they wanted to get to the beach just as much as I did. 

I'm annoyed just writing about this day. I was actually really annoyed that I was annoyed (I grew up Catholic, so guilt comes easy). On my way to the airport that morning I read about what happened in Orlando. It's fucking disgusting and despicable that someone would show such hate and commit such an atrocity. As I was annoyed at the airport, I was just thinking about how lucky I was. As I've mentioned before I'm trying to go easier on myself for my feelings. Rather than feeling guilty, I try to just recognize that I'm annoyed and be like, "Ok, I recognize that this day is annoying me. I am just excited to get where I'm going. Things could be much worse, and I'm not in control, so I just need to be patient." Then you punch someone in the face. That will do it. 

This is where I wanted to arrive. ASAP. 

This is where I wanted to arrive. ASAP. 

We finally got back on the plane. There was more sitting, with heavy sighs of discontent. Then there was the, "Well, now we need to refuel, so we will have to wait 30 minutes for a fuel truck to come out." Then that got done. Then it was the, "Well, now we are 14th in line to take off. Rough winds, so only one runway is open. It's going to be a choppy takeoff." #Facepalm. We finally got off the ground. Sweet, Jesus. 

I landed in beautiful Norfolk, VA to my aunt, uncle, and two cousins waiting for me in at baggage claim. 

I had just seen them a week before, when I was moving Blob out of their house. They were still happy to see me again (like a bunch of puppies), and I them. We drove about two hours from the airport to get to Duck, NC where we beach every summer. We've been staying at the same house with about 20 family members for the last eight years. It's great. It's nice coming back to a familiar place each summer where we immediately feel at home. 

I gave lots of hugs, and told everyone about my shitty airport experience. Everyone was like, "OMG you're funemployed? Do you like it?" Duh, you idiots. "Have you even read my blog?" Actually my family is great. They are a bunch of wackos, but they are great wackos. I'm pretty stoked to spend the rest of the week with them. Plus, I don't have to spend any money. 

Beach Day 1

  1. Wake up
  2. Lie on the beach and read
  3. Go grocery shopping with my aunt
  4. Cook dinner for 18 people (Wow!)
  5. Laugh
  6. Scheme about business ideas with my crazy uncle