Funemployed Day 39: Do your to-do list tomorrow

"I'm an asshole." - Everyone at the airport at 5am. 

Tl;dr: Early flight, Narcos Netflix binge, Forgot about my therapy appointment, made it to said appointment late, wax fun, hot yoga, overwhelmed with to-do listing. 

Bai Blob. Luv ya. 

Bai Blob. Luv ya. 

You know when you make decisions with no regard for your future self

Like, “Oh I will be fine taking a 5:52am flight.” or “Oh I’ll take Spirit airlines despite consistently negative reviews from friends.” The thing is, when you make these decisions, your future self just has to deal with it. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s like, “Ugh, ok enough already, Past Self. Quit making shitty decisions.” 

Spirit airline is the poopiest of airlines. Southwest does budget right, because they actually have good service and give a damn about their customers. Spirit is like, “Hey we gunna give you good price, then we gunna shit on you at every chance possible.” Also, the leg room is less than sufficient. I got a middle seat. Early flights are great if you just want to get where you’re going, but they also suck, because people already suck at airports and they especially suck on little sleep (cue: crabbiness). 

Something else that irks me about early flights is people eating at the airport. Not even breakfast, it’s like Sbarro and Panda Express (ok not really, but close enough). Like come on, just because you are awake doesn’t mean to have to get that General Tsao’s right now. Just hold your horses people. Are you really that hungry? Every other day of the week you last past 5am without eating. You will survive a two hour flight (that’s two hours of straight sitting or sleeping) without a full belly. Drink some water, eat a piece of fruit, and pass up that 5am pizza supreme peeps. End rant. 

The thing with 5-something am flights is that you must sleep. I can’t sleep sitting up. My normal (less than refined) move is to sleep on the tray table. I guess I just like to show off my flexibility. I always wake up with numb hands and a crick in my neck, but this is the best I can do. Spirit doesn’t give one adequate room to even think about leaning forward onto their tray table, so instead, one must rest her backpack on the tray table, hug it with two arms, and rest her head on the backpack. We call this that “backpack love” position. The ladies next to me must have thought my bag was filled with valuable gems. Nope, just napping. 

I made it back to LaGuardia by 9am. Then I went to get my key from Mr. Croatian who lives very close to the airport. He was guarding my key in case my airbnb guests got stranded while I was out of town. Thanks. They were fine. I ended up getting sucked onto the couch by a strong magnetic force and forced to watch 3 hours of Narcos on Netflix — all episodes that I’d already seen.You cannot get up when this show comes on. Netflix takes over your soul and there’s this extra gravitational force applied to your body, keeping you fixed on the couch...or something like that. That show though. Damn.  

If you’re unemployed make sure you turn on your calendar alerts. You forget you even have a calendar. What’s a calendar?

On my way home that afternoon I was in an early-flight-netflix-binge-induced-daze. I looked at my calendar and realized I had a therapy appointment in 30 minutes. Luckily I was close to home, but this really shook up my previous napping plans. “Shit, How do I always forget this s$it!?” I’m not used to following calendars anymore. It’s hard. I made it to my appointment 15 minutes late. This is better than forgetting about it all together. 

We talked about stuff. It was good as usual. 

Then I went to get a bikini wax. Sorry not sorry. The best part was that I ran into a friend as I was going into my “procedure” and she was coming out of hers. We were like, "WTF so random! HIII HEY giggles giggles.” It was really funny to run into her. She’s a former-coworker/good friend and was one of the people that I broke down to when I was feeling very unhappy months earlier. The day I had my major breakdown, she was the first person to talk it out with me. I was grateful for her support. And now here we were, getting waxes at the same place and same time in America’s most populous city. Fate. 

This run-in prompted some deep convo with my esthetician. Like real deep. We talked about anxiety and depression. She applauded me for following my gut and quitting. I applauded her for not going to college and knowing that it "just wasn’t for <her>.” It was cool, and also laughable, given the situation. Despite the great convo, I got out of there asap. 

Make sure you put on your pants right for yoga. 

I headed home in time for a quick change, then went to hot yoga. There were just as many half naked, tattooed Brooklynites as usual — maybe even more than usual. We all sweated as one for a solid hour. My stomach was bothering me, so that wasn’t ideal. I also hadn’t slept more than 3 hours the night before, so this also made focusing in a sweltering hot room very difficult. I also realized half way through class that I wore my pants inside-out. Oops. It wasn’t my best yoga experience, but I got through it. 

Then I got home, got showered, and finally made dinner. I was so hungry. My mashed sweet potato tasted like the best thing I’d ever made. I even made audible noises, like “Mmmmm,” because you can do that when you live alone and you are satisfied with your cooking. I watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt while I ate. 

It was 11pm. 

I was overly tired and started stressing. I felt like I had too much to do before heading up to CT the next morning for my best friend's bridal shower. "I can’t unpack, clean my dishes, get ready for new guests, change the sheets, repack for my trip on Sunday, wrap a gift, get favors for a party game, and blow dry my stupid frizzy hair all before 8am tomorrow morning." If I’m overly tired, I get easily overwhelmed. Not all of this stuff was even necessary to get done, but I was letting the list add up in my head, spiraling out of control. This is an anxiety-inducing thing. When you start doing this, it’s time to go to bed, get up early, and do your to-do list tomorrow. That’s what I did. 

Why do today what you can do tomorrow?

  1. Wake up
  2. Run around a do my chores in 30 minutes
  3. Try to pick out a decent outfit
  4. Get to subway to Grand Central in just enough time to go buy gift wrap, a card, and some prizes for a party game.
  5. Train to CT
  6. Shower shower
  7. Eat eat
  8. Shower shower
  9. Train to NYC
  10. Crash