Funemployed Day 38: Naps and psychedelic rock

"I'll plan her wake up time accordingly" - Cousin Blob's response to my friends text. He sent a photo of me napping, while he built a dresser. Well timed nap on my part.  

Tl;dr: Slept in (as I do), helped Blob with some things around the homestead, wrote, got lunch, watched it rain, pushed a big box with my legs, napped, went to dinner with friends, smoked pot in an alley, then went to a concert. 

 That tl;dr makes it look like I did a lot. Don't be fooled. 

I didn't do much. This was my last full day in Chicago. It was grey and rainy. Blob and I mostly hung around the house. I did take a shower, so that's a win for the day. When I got out of the shower Blob was attempting to get this huge, heavy box into his apartment. It had his new dressers inside. I attempted to help him. We couldn't lift it, so we laid it on the ground and I attempted to push it with my legs. He took Snapchats of me, looking like a wet dog, sitting in the hallway attempting to leg press this large cardboard bitch into his front door -- all in vein. He helped me hoist it over the door jamb, then my leg presses succeeded, pushing in into the living room. 

One summer I lived with an Irish couple (who I get to see next week in Dublin!) and I came home from an interview complaining about how I hate stupid interview questions. "Tell me about a time you used one of your strengths to compensate for one of your weaknesses." I told Aoife that I was stumped, she was like, "You should have said 'I was moving a couch, and I tried pushing it with my arms. It wouldn't budge, so I moved it with my legs.'" I finally got to use her advice moving Blob's dresser. Hopefully I get that interview question again one day. 

I sat on his huge sectional couch and wrote mid-morning as I thought, "Wow, I can tell this is a great couch for napping."

This is pretty much all I did before 2pm that day. Then I walked to a nearby restaurant to pick up lunch, consulting Yelp along the way to choose the best spot. Yelp did me a solid 

I got back to Blob's, scarfed my salad, then watched as he started to put his dresser together. I sat, slowly reclining, and was like, "Blob, I just want to read here for a minute, then I'll help you," now fully reclined on the couch. He woke me up an hour later. 


I'm just reading for a little bit.  

I'm just reading for a little bit.  

He woke me up. Thanks, cuz.  

We had to get into the city to meet some of my friends for dinner and drinks. Then we were headed to see one of our favorite bands, Tame Impala. AWWWYEAHH. We had a great time chatting and catching up. I particularly enjoyed Chi-town Twin and her boyfriend, Excitable Guy, argue about how gross and greasy his fingers were. He made the point that her burger remnants were much more disgusting piled up on her plate. The table was split. I agreed that greasy fingers were grosser, a few others chose the burger crumbs. 

Then we headed to the show. I've seen Tame a few times, and will never miss an opportunity if presented. They put on a mean live show. I just zone the fuck out. It helps when you smoke a little weed before. I recommend that combo. Just sayin', Mom. You could enjoy them without recreational drugs too. To each his own.  


So psychedelic.  

So psychedelic.  

I took a lot of pictures.  

The encore people lit up their phone flashlights. Hardcore millennials.  

The encore people lit up their phone flashlights. Hardcore millennials.  

They put on a great show as usual. Blob and I were high up in the bleachers, but it didn't matter. We still had fun. Then we hopped on a crowded train home, full of cool millennials. The homeless peeps on the train be like, "What the hell all these white teenagers doing out so late?" "Dude, we've been psychedelic rockin' out. Now we are headed home to our high rise condo. Duh."

    It was a great final day with my Blob.  

I had an early am flight on Friday.  

  1. Get up too early
  2. Spirit airlines adventure home   
  3. see Croatian and watch too much Netflix  
  4. Forget about therapy appointment then make it there.  
  5. Get a wax
  6. Hot yoga
  7. Too tired and cranky