Funemployed Day 6: Lessons from Mom on not sweating the small stuff

"All the white girls live in Broookllyyynnn" - Comedian Jim Gaffigan in his whisper voice making fun of my people. He was spot on. He showed up to practice material at a comedy show in the East Village. 

Tl;dr: Wrote stuff, walked over a bridge, talked to mom, helped friends hang shelves, yoga-d, meditated, saw a famous comedian, saw a famous tennis player (who I didn't know of, but now I do). Then a tribute to my mom. 

The day began with coffee, writing, and a shower. 

I've enjoyed my morning ritual of writing so much. Starting around 10:30am, after I make some french press coffee, I sit down and write. The best thing about writing about the mundane details of a day is that those details become less mundane. You appreciate and find humor in the small moments, like helping a stumbling drunk man or moving an IKEA bed frame. When you're constantly in a rush and stressed, it's hard to enjoy and appreciate these moments (steps off of funemployment pedestal).

(Steps back on) If you ever saw the movie "Boyhood", there's a part that really stuck with me. This women watches her kids grow up (spoiler alert!) and gets to a point where she's like, "That's it? I thought there would be more than this?" (or something like that). But the movie is all these moments in time. Yes, there are momentous events (weddings, births, etc.), but really it's about the day-to-day stuff. You know, it's that "It's about the journey, not the destination blah blah", but it's true. If you can't enjoy the tiny stuff, you're screwed (steps off again).

Then I took a shower. 

Guess what I was able to lose in one day? 

My effing earbuds. I literally bought new ones on Friday, and could not find them anywhere. So I bought new ones. God dammit. I need one of those Amazon buttons for earbuds. I can just keep the button on my person at all times and click it for a <1hr delivery of earbuds by drone (this is the future, guys). 

I walked over the Willy-b bridge with my tunes playing through my new earbuds. It was a gorgeous day. I wore a hat. It was a gorgeous hat day.

Then I got a veggie burger, went to my lady-boss friend's for room decor round 2. Lady-boss, Amanda, and I enjoyed lunch together and worked on hanging some shelves (that we salvaged from the trash and made look AmAzInG). It's really impressive what 2.5 girls can do on a budget (I count for half, since I mostly just popped in for color commentary). 

Want the perfectly balanced evening? Do what I did.

Yoga, meditation, comedy, then drinks. It was fantastic. I went to my Craigslist furniture friend's (see Day 5) yoga class at Yoga Vida in Noho. It was my first time taking her class. What's funny is that I've listened to one of her guided meditations like 50 times, so her voice is burned into my brain, associated with calmness and cheerfulness. It was great to take her class irl (that means "in real life", moms). She led a guided meditation for 20 minutes after class which was fantastic. She's leaving for Croatia this week where she's leading a yoga retreat with this company called Eat. Pray. Move. Cool stuff! I love meeting people like her, who are taking the less conventional route in life. 

After this I met my Croatian funemployed friend for a comedy show at Eastville comedy club. The crowd was sparse, so it was quite an intimate show. I had a horrible knot in my stomach before it began, like "Oh god, there are not enough people here for this show to be good". Luckily I was wrong (this does happen from time to time, but very rarely). It was Croatian funemployed's first comedy show, so the pressure was on. He enjoyed it. Phew. Jim Gaffigan showed up which was a real treat. He is friggin funny. 

It was 11pm now. I hit the two drink minimum at the comedy club, and realized I hadn't had dinner. This is the formula for a good buzz, people. So I needed food STAT. We went to one of my favorite bars in Nolita and on the way Croatian did a double-take through the window of a neighboring bar. "OMG, that's a famous Croatian tennis player and I also know the girl across from him". He loves tennis. This was an exciting moment for him. We decided to go into that bar, and ended up having a convo with them. The tennis player is Mario Ancic (He beat Roger Federer at Wimbeldon when he was 18, no big deal). 

Then I got a burger. It literally was not cooked. I said "Hey bartender, this burger is literally not cooked. Get me a new one, STAT". He was like "OK". I drank some seltzer with lime while I waited for my meat to be cooked. Then I ate the meat. 

She's still got it.

She's still got it.

That was my day. Now I want to say something about Moms since it was Mother's Day.

Moms rule. If you know my mom, Trace-face, she's a gem. I appreciate her now more than ever. Everyone who meets Trace-face is like "Wow, your mom is so nice. She's a fox. She also delegates well and made me do the dishes. I barely even know this lady, but yeah, I'd do the dishes for her". My mom is funny too. I think she got it from her mother, Grandie (Grandma-Andie), who had a quick, dry wit. Grandie passed away last year, so I know this Mother's day was a tough one for Mom, but she should know that Grandie was the most proud of her kids (she has 3 amazing ones) and her grandkids (she has 5 pretty goods ones and 1 effing awesome one who lives in Brooklyn). 

Trace-face taught me to keep calm and have a positive (yet witty) attitude. I have zero ability to get flustered over little things. I owe that to her. She always said "Don't sweat the small stuff". So true, Trace-face. When I moved to NYC in 2012 it was the hottest day of the summer. It was just her and I moving me in to my fourth floor walk-up on Delancey street. It was a bitch. BUT before we left to drive into the city that day she said, "Ok, my favorite child, today is a no stress day. Whatever happens, we are just going to go with it and we won't worry about it". That is her. She is practical and patient.

She also loves family and horses. I love family, I'm kinda like "eh" with horses. 

Trace-face is also strong AF. I'm sure she doesn't want me to go into too much detail with internet strangers, but she's a big reason why I'm taking this time off. She had a really scary event over New Year's involving her brain. She's fine, and we are really really lucky. Her ability to remain positive, humorous, and courageous through this event was really amazing. I was more nervous going to my gyno than she was going into brain surgery. She's rock solid. I had just been through a break up, and she was consoling me from the hospital bed. Those few days that I spent with her there were some of the best. We got to talk, listen to podcasts, and just enjoy the moments - the important stuff. 

She always says "Being a mother is the best thing I ever did in my life". I want to be like her. 

Monday, Funday. 

  1. Write for a really long time
  2. Free, tbd. Pasta making plans were moved.
  3. Seeing a nutritionist
  4. Hanging with my long-time gal pal