Funemployed Day 4: How to follow your gut to funemploment

"You could literally do anything after this song and we will come back onstage" - the lead singer of YACHT to the audience before their encore. 

Tl;dr: Miz gets yelled at on a bike early in the morning, has coffee and great convo surrounded by stuffed sheep, chills, eats, drinks, bowls, then dances. 

I got a taste of the Tribeca life, and liked it. 

My day started early. I always overestimate how early my future self will be able to wake up and agree to stupidly early friend dates. My former-coworker friend was like "Oh hey Miz, wanna go to spinning at 7am on Friday?" and I was like "Oh yeah friend, for sure. Since I just quit my job, I'd love nothing more than to wake up at 6am on my first funemployed Friday, and I'd also love to get yelled at in a positive and motivating way on a stationary bike in Tribeca. Let's do this". So we did. It was my first class at Flywheel. They keep a leader board to show who spun their legs the hardest and fastest. I didn't make it on the leaderboard (surprise!), but It was actually really fun, and they give you free water bottles, apples, and bananas. Now I know where to swing by for a snack if I'm ever down on my luck. 

Coffee with a friend really feeds the soul. So does chia seed pudding. 

Following Flywheel, my former-coworker friend and I went to Kaffe 1668. It's a dimly lit, sheep themed (think lots of small stuffed sheep on a huge wall of dark wooden bookshelves) coffee shop. We had awesome conversation about the female (and our) tendency to always try to please people and be liked (so Kristen Bell of us). It was a fruitful conversation. I just love good conversations like this. We walked through the rain after, then I went to Duane Reade to buy an umbrella and earbuds, since I've managed to lose two of the most losable things again. 

On my subway ride home I sat in front of this poster for an NYC charity walk, and I snapped a nice pic. 

Yours truly

Yours truly

Then I made a difficult, yet honest decision. 

In my first post I said I was taking time off... "maybe 3 weeks, maybe 3 months". My true intention when I quit my job was to take at least 3 months off. I've saved and worked for this. I want to explore New York City, savor time with my family, and visit friends all over the map. Rather than being true to this intention, I was talking myself into interviewing and potentially jumping into a job at the end of May. I needed to be upfront and really face what I want, and what I want meant passing up on an exciting opportunity. This was tough, but I spoke with my friend/mentor who I'd be potentially working with and said "Hey, I gotta stick with my guns here and take the time that I intended to". 

After this conversation, I felt on top of the world. The reality of time off and doing what I want finally set in. I was like "Omg, where the f am I gunna travel!? The world is my OYSTER, and I love seafood!".

I plan to visit friends all over Europe from the end of June to end of July. Let the scheming begin. 

Wanna know what else feeds the soul? Dancing. 

I met my Croatian funemployed friend for a drink at the Wythe Hotel (rad rooftop view of Manhattan here). We are in very similar place after having both quit our jobs to travel and enjoy life for a bit. It was great to catch up.

Next we went to Brooklyn Bowl to, uh, bowl, and found out upon entering that a band that I like, YACHT (not yelling here), would be playing later. Win-win. I got schooled in bowling, but I blame it on my frail wrists (they are pretty dainty). We are on for tennis next week. Sadly, this game involves wrists as well, so cut me some slack. 

Then the concert. This guy, Colin Self, opened for the band. It was, once again, a very unique experience...something I may just never experience again. Feel free to watch the below video for a taste of the show. Note that the version I saw involved more things like light-swinging, head-bashing, and a custom slideshow. He did find a way to win me over by the end of the performance. 

If you are my mom, or like my mom, I would recommend not watching, because you will probably go "oh my". 

Next YACHT played. They were so much fun and we danced our butts off. It was a blast. 

Saturdays are just as cool as Fridays. Why's that?

Because I said so, you fool. 

  1. Sleep in
  2. Coffee
  3. Help an employed friend decorate her room (mostly watch while my do-er friend does things)

I'll leave you with this gem that my father sent me. #funemployed4life

Practicing for retirement since childhood

Practicing for retirement since childhood