Funemployed Day 26: Life is full of monkey business

"The novel is called 'The Girl with Two Glass Eyes.'" -Bro's response when I commented on the scenery saying, "It looks like a Nicholas Sparks novel out here (think overcast, beach, sand dunes)." Where does he come up with this? What?

Tl;dr: Early am beach walk, made yum breakfast, went back to beach, biked home in time to escape the rain, made yum lunch, Youtube yoga session, hit a few bars to escape the rain, made yum dinner and dessert, bed. BAM.

Bro and Sal are on board with healthy living and had a morning elixir ready for me when I got up. 

This elixir is a great way to give your body a kick-start for the day. It's juice from half a lemon, water, raw apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, honey, ginger, and a little cayenne pepper (careful here). Drink it every morning and you will be free of ailments and disease. Don't quote me on that though. It's tasty. 

We took the dog to the beach around 8am. We let her run around to get her crazies out. None of us had crazies in us, so we just walked. We did a bit of power walking to get those hearts pumping. Then took it back down to a leisurely pace.

See it's so Nicholas Spark

See it's so Nicholas Spark

We headed home to get our breakfast on. I FaceTimed Sal's mom, JerzPatty, while making breakfast. She can talk a mile a minute and is the sweetest. I'm lucky to have this second, amazing family, that feels like my own. I told her how good I was at being retired in her house, and that she can throw some of her retirement fund my way if she wants me to come join her on the regular. I'm waiting back on an answer, but have a pretty good feeling about it.

We had chia seed pudding with blueberries and bananas along side a kale and spinach egg scramble. Are we the picture of healthy living or what?

Picture of health

Picture of health

Then we biked back to the beach.

We were watching the weather closely all morning. It was supposed to rain or be a tropical storm. It's hard to tell these days what's real and what's just The Weather Channel trying to be drama queens. When we got to the beach bro was like, "Woah wait, I'll see what Weatherman thinks." They have a friend who's a weather man. Damn. That's a good friend to have. He was like, "It's just going to be a rain event." That's how weather men speak. He was right. The afternoon brought a rain event. 

We rode our bikes home in time. Then we chilled for a bit. Sal and I made lunch. Wait until you hear this one. It's even more veggie filled than the am. You ready? Take a deep breath. Ok. 

We had zucchini noodles (zoodles) with pesto and a huge kale salad. 

Yep. You read that correctly. That's a lot of veg. That's good for you. Then Sal and I did a quick yoga sesh from a Youtube video. It involved "lion's breath" where you breath out vigorously, sticking your tongue out. You should try it. Bro was trying to distract us, but I was in yoga mode and was like GTFO, because this shit is serious. 

Since our morning was so healthy we decided to counter it. 

It was raining. Bro was getting stir crazy. We were like, "Ok, let's go drink beers then." He was like, "Ok." So we did. We went to a local Hilton Head brewery. The beer was pretty good. The branding was not. We watched the Champions League soccer final and an infomercial for PaintZoom, a device to help you paint easier, faster, and better. Regular painting is just TOO DAMN HARD. I was like, "Guys, I think we need to buy this thing" by the time I finished my beer. We hit another bar, where I got deviled eggs for a snack, along with a beer. Naturally. 

This place brings back memories.

I actually grew up coming to Hilton Head all through high school. I would come for a week each summer with my best friend's (Cali girl) family. We would stay in a Marriott time share and just tear up the town for a week. One highlight was this underage club called "Monkey Business" where we would go dirty dance (face-palm) with other underagers. It was exhilarating. We lived for Monkey Business.

As soon as I arrived this time I texted Cali, "I'm in Hilton Head. I'm going to Monkey Business." I cannot even. One summer we were 15 and met some 17 year old boys from Akron, Ohio. We told them we were 16 (as if they cared). I lied and told them that I could drive. Bad girl. I did have my learners permit though. After grinding all evening at da club, her dad picked us up. We met the older boys on the beach the next day, swam in the ocean, and acted really 16. Giggle Giggle. #monkeybusiness.

Too old for monkey business the club, but up to our own monkey biz. #highschoolseniors

Too old for monkey business the club, but up to our own monkey biz. #highschoolseniors

The other big memory that stands out was bringing alcohol with us senior year. The best part was that Cali's little sister got it for us (little sis was 15 at this time). We obviously mixed the vodka with Crystal Light in water bottles and drank it at lunch, across from her mom. Cali's mom had to know. We were clueless. "Hey hun, can I try some of that?" "Err, umm, err, no." She grabs the bottle and tries it. Immediately we threw her little sister under the bus, "but she got it for us!" The best part was that Mom just ignored it and let us go on with our revelry the rest of the trip. This time we met friends on the beach at night, instead of at the kiddy club. We were too old for Monkey Business now (tear). I actually ran into one beach friend at a bar in NYC a few years later. That was weird. 

Ran into this guy. We were 18 here and didn't lie about it.  

Ran into this guy. We were 18 here and didn't lie about it.  

Ok then we came home and made a kick-ass dinner

I've given you enough food details, but just know that this one was also good and it was also healthy. After dinner we watched more soccer, drank wine, and ate our special little dessert concoctions. These were oats and almond butter mixed and dipped in melted chocolate. We froze them and then scarfed them. After dinner we went for a walk in the rain. My bro always knows how to ask the pressing questions like, "What's your best pirate voice?" So here are the three of us, one barefoot, one in crocs, and the other in flipflops, walking in the rain imitating pirates. 

  • Sal: "Whats a pirates favorite letter?"
  • Me: "Arrrrrr"
  • Sal: In her best pirate voice, "No, IT"S THE C"

I love my family. 

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