Funemployed Day 23: The formula for the perfect day

"You're better than I thought you'd be." - Croatian commenting on my tennis skills. I think this is a compliment.

Tl;dr: I did a bunch of stuff that I liked and it made me happy. Some of the stuff produced endorphins (tennis), and then I was riding this high and wrote some really positive notes on my subway ride home. I will share those. Unedited. Then I made dinner for Lady Boss and Samanda.

So currently I'm in Charlotte at my brother's house. I started writing a post about yesterday then remembered that I had started writing on my phone on my subway ride home from playing tennis yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. Then I couldn't figure out how to get the note from my phone to my computer (ugh. incompetent), so I emailed it to myself. Then I was like "Oh, look I just got an email!" It was me. Signed with love. 

Here's what I wrote (I don't even remember now). Here we go: 

I feel happy. I really do.

This day made me happy. It's simple. It doesn't take a giant party or a momentous occasion. My formula is pretty simple. It takes four things within a day:

  1. Spend time doing something creative
  2. Do something that's good for my body
  3. Spend time with someone I'm close with
  4. Eat nourishing food (mostly vegetables)

If I can do each of those things once in a day, I'm happy. It's even better when I can do some of them multiple times in a day. In this case, I nailed it today.

I started the day with Pilates and played tennis in the afternoon. I have the luxury of time right now, but I'm really arming myself for the future. I think when I do have a job in the near future, knowing my formula for happiness will help me find ways to prioritize my time to maximize for my four pillars.

I love Pilates.

I think it's one of my favorite strengthening exercises because it takes focus, precision, and it's graceful, promoting long and lean muscles (and great posture). The moves may look simple, but keeping proper form ensures that it's never quite as simple as it looks. It's challenging. My teacher was a cute Aussie girl. She started this studio (East River Pilates) herself, which I admire. She was warm, bubbly, and quite fit herself. I really enjoyed her class. I could tell she loves what she does, which is inspiring.

I have a sharp eye at the moment as I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am constantly taking mental notes and chatting with people about their businesses. I want to find that spark with what I do next. I really want to work for myself, but I don't know what that thing is yet. I know I love hosting on Airbnb, starting to love cooking, I love writing (like this kind of shit, only about things I care about). I liked problem solving and strategic thinking (which is really good for any job), and I like planning and coordinating. 

That's as far as I got on the subway

Phew. Thanks Miz of yesterday, you surprisingly saved Miz of today some time here. I love a good time-saving surprise. 

Ok so to quickly finish up my day on Wednesday before I GTFO (Moms, I'll let you figure that one out). After pilates I made this KICKASS healthy lunch. My new favorite thing is hemp seed. It's nutty and delicious. Here's a pic of my lunch:

Oh man I could be a food stylist. That's a career option for me. 

Oh man I could be a food stylist. That's a career option for me. 

Then I went to meet Croatian to play tennis. I've lived in NYC almost four years and this was the first time I ever played in the city. We found the ONLY free courts in NYC, and by some sort of miracle they were in perfect shape and not too busy. It was hot as balls outside. We just rallied back and forth. Serving isn't my thing. But as I said, Croatian was surprised by my skills. I felt pretty good about it too. I had some pretty mean shots (my backhand needs some work, but forehand is pretty SOLID). I think I'm going to take up playing tennis more. It was such great exercise and really fun. This is a grainy photo of me, sweaty after tennis:

This is me in a hat and athletic gear. Yup. Those are all of my teeth. 

This is me in a hat and athletic gear. Yup. Those are all of my teeth. 

Then I headed home, took a long shower, and prepared dinner for my two lady friends. 

We had a veggie crustless quiche, crispy almond-crusted green beans, kale salad, and mashed sweet potatoes. and wine. duh. It was great for the three of us to catch up. Our last catch up was a few weeks back over a bunch of IKEA furniture, so it was nice to do less manual labor for a change (haha, who am I kidding!). 

Then I packed my suitcase in record time for my early am flight to Charlotte. I think I took 4 minutes to pack. I was trying to impress my friends. I think I did. I don't fret too much packing. I figure I can borrow anything from my sister-in-law if needed. My friends in college called me "Mary Mooch" for a reason. 

Then I went to bed. I needed to be well rested, to get up super early for my flight.


  1. LaGuardia early am
  2. Land in Charlotte
  3. Convince my brother not to go back to work
  4. Write
  5. Grocery shop (I'm cooking this weekend. whoop!)
  6. Shoot the shit with my sibs