Funemployed Day 21: Healthy living, pizza, and not giving a fuck.

"I'm running late." - me to my nutritionist (yes, I have one of these). It really wasn't my fault! I swear. The trains were fucked. It's the train's fault!

I headed to hot yoga in the morning. I was almost there and thought, "Know what, self, I don't want to go."

This is a selfie with my yoga mat. One eyebrow is raised higher than the other. It was a sign that I didn't actually want to go.

This is a selfie with my yoga mat. One eyebrow is raised higher than the other. It was a sign that I didn't actually want to go.

I knew I'd have to pay a fine, but sometimes you say to yourself "IDGAF" (Mom's, this stands for I DON'T GIVE A FUCK). When you think "IDGAF," this means you really don't GAF, so you must listen to yourself. I was going to be a little late to yoga anyways, I had cramps, and I just wanted to walk around outside and stop for some coffee, so I decided to do just this. Call me criminal. This recent Onion article sums up how I was feeling (and regularly feel for that matter):

NEW YORK—According to a brief but conclusive report released Monday, nobody fucking cares. “Doesn’t fucking matter,” read the report in part, which went on to inform readers that no one gives two shits, so fuck it. “Seriously. Stop wasting everyone’s goddamn time.” The report further urged those who still hadn’t shut up about it to quit acting like fucking idiots and just give it a rest, for Christ’s sake.

I made sure to savor and enjoy skipping class, since I knew this was a pivotal moment in my morning. This part of my day will set the tone for the rest of the day. It was good. Although my stomach hurt, I chose to ignore it, smile, breath in the fresh air, bask in the spring sunshine, then sit and sip on some overpriced "pour over" coffee. Life is good. You can not give a fuck while still keeping a positive attitude. This is the key.

Next I came home, wrote, and showered. I love my shower. It helps when you have good water pressure. 

I feel lucky to have great water pressure. It's a gamble when you're renting, and I feel like I won the shower lotto. I'm a lucky gal. I've continued to wash my face with this olive oil and sugar scrub (literally just those two ingredients mixed together), and it leaves my skin feeling like a dream. 

Next I got ready. If you've ever had curly hair, I feel your pain. It's a bitch and not a subject I feel like getting into at the moment, because I am feeling light and positive. Yes, I am aware that there are much larger issues in life, and this is why I accept my hair as being a bitch, and will shut up about it now. 

Public transit can be great at times. It always gives you an excuse to run late. 

I've never been known for my being-on-time skills. I'll put it that way. I have said before, and still stand by my words...I am working on this. Baby steps, guys. I was heading to the Upper East Side to see my nutritionist. I started seeing her last year, and have lost no weight (a few ups and downs), but it has been worth every trip and every penny (I also have a really awesome doctor who recommended it for me and I got my insurance to cover it). I've been building up tools and slowly changing habits that will help me reach my goals. I feel much more in control and knowledgable when it comes to food. This is a skill I will carry for life. It's also helped me find a love of cooking healthy foods. 

I won't see her for a while this summer, so we had one last check in. She's awesome and inspiring, and has also been a great guide as I went through my recent life crisis. As I reduce my stress and anxiety, it's getting easier and more enjoyable than ever to keep a healthy diet. Now when I think of a healthy diet, it's not restrictive or scary. It's nourishing, delicious, and makes you feel satisfied and full of energy. I've found a new passion here, and just keep digging to learn more. I'm currently reading, and recommend, "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan (really I recommend anything by him). 

Next I went for two coffees. One planned, one unexpected (just to keep things exciting)

I met a former-coworker/mentor of mine. She helped me so much at my last job, as a confidant, guide, teacher, and friend. I always love catching up with her. I was also running late to meet her (thanks to traffic, not me!) and we only had about 20 minutes to catch up. This was like a speed date. I gave her 10 minutes, and she gave me 10 minutes. Ready, go!

We spent this limited time walking around Times Square. We were so in the zone, that we didn't even realize until time was nearly up that we had picked the shittiest walking route in the world. The thing is, it doesn't fucking matter where you are when you are in the zone with your friend. It was awesome to catch up and hear her compliment me on my blog. I was like "Oh wow, thanks, wow, wow, I'm flattered." We hugged and said bye. 

Then I was like, "Wait, woah, my other friend works nearby. I should see if she can meet." She was like, "yes."

Thank gawd. We went to get an afternoon snack of a kale salad and some iced coffee. Samanda and I (I bet you will never guess her real name) caught up for a bit. We pretty much text daily, and I consider her like my sister, so she knows everything already. Somehow we still have stuff to talk about. Then I was like, "Ok, I have to be off. My schedule says that this is my two hour block where I need to wander aimlessly. Sorry to cut this one short! Kisses, bye!" 

Then I wandered aimlessly, and made sure to time it so that I headed home during rush hour from Herald Square. 

Barf. One good thing about my subway line, is that it goes over the Williamsburg bridge. I do appreciate the view, and the cellphone service. I still take pictures of the view, because it never really gets old. This one is more of a bridge and a bike rider, but trust me, you can also see the skyline: 

I don't know him, but I bet he's cool. You can tell by the backwards cap.

I don't know him, but I bet he's cool. You can tell by the backwards cap.

Then is was time for dinner. I went for pizza. I know what you are thinking.

"But Miz, pizza isn't healthy." I know this, you asshole. This is why you eat it in moderation and order two sides of vegetables. Croatian came with me to Roberta's in Bushwick. I had to show him this cool, hip joint (that's how cool people describe cool places). We stopped to get a few tattoos on our way, then cut our jeans off at the ankles, to make sure we'd fit in. It was an expensive trip you can see, but this is good pizza.

The tattoo on my left arm says "Pizza 4 lyfe" and the one on my right says "IDGAF".

The tattoo on my left arm says "Pizza 4 lyfe" and the one on my right says "IDGAF".

They have one called the "Bee Sting", with fresh mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, chili oil, and honey. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet perfection. One of the salads was a romaine salad with full lettuce leaves. Croatian could NOT get over the fact that you had to cut the lettuce leaves. He refused and just chomped on the full leaf. I was like "Woah buddy, not in this classy, hipster-filled establishment. Don't embarrass me like that!" Nah, he can eat the lettuce however he wants. We are hardcore like that. WDGAF. 

Then I was full and I was happy. That was it for my day. 


"Woah, cool it. Since you're so crazed, I'm going to keep it a fucking secret. Try asking nicely next time. No yelling."

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