Funemployed Day 20: Don't let NYC shit on you

"What language are you speaking? Russian?" - crusty drunk man to the Hasidic ladies on the J train. They looked very scared. He was a creep. NYC is full of creeps and they love to come out right after you've had a peaceful weekend away.

Tl;dr: I showed off my sleeping-in skills. They are pretty good. Next I sat outside and enjoyed coffee with Biscuit and new friends. I did a yoga session overlooking the Hudson led by Sunshine, took the train back to NYC and wrote a bunch on board, then went into shock immediately upon entering NYC's nasty subway system. Made it home and cooked a healthy dinner and watch "Room". Hold on to your seats. 

I thought people would be impressed by how late I can sleep in. I made it until noon on Saturday. 

I was actually kind of bummed that I slept so late, because you feel like you are wasting the day, especially a nice day on the farm. People are always like, "Oh, your body must have needed it." In my head I'm like, "Yeah, no, my body has been pretty fucking relaxed lately. You may not understand how little stress I've been under." Instead I'm like, "Yeah, I think you're right." Actually I do think it's true. 

I've been sleeping really well since I've been funemployed, and it made me realize that despite getting 7-8 hours in the recent employed past, I wasn't getting good sleep. I was having anxiety dreams almost nightly. If you are interested in the details of these dreams, don't fret, I have them. I was keeping a note in my iPhone at the time of all of these crazy ass dreams, always fueled by anxiety. I would wake up stressed. There were lots of cat attacks, snake attacks, terrorist attacks, and teeth falling out (this one is the WORST). I have about 30 written down between Jan-April of this year. 

I've noticed lately that I still dream a lot, but they are much more creative and much less stressful, often involving a lot of music (which I've magically composed in my head like a child genius). Much more pleasant. 

Know what else is pleasant? Yoga. 

Sunshine has recently been training to be a yoga teacher. It's really inspiring to see friends learning and pursuing their passions. She's even starting a Yoga bed and breakfast at the farm, which I'm very keen to partake in one day. She led me and three other girls in a 40 minute yoga sessions outside. The setting was perfect and peaceful. Namaste. What a great place to clear your mind, surrounded by likeminded friends.

Speaking of likeminded, Sunshine and I had a hilarious run-in a month ago in Soho. I was searching through a rack of shirts, and was reaching for the same shirt as someone to my left. I looked over, thinking, "I'm going to elbow this asshole out of my way," and was like, "Woah, wait, that's Sunshine!" Life is funny that way, and NYC always seems to surprise you like this. Proof:

Neither of us bought the shirt. I still like it though. 

Neither of us bought the shirt. I still like it though. 

Next we caught the train back to Penn Station. I always find it shocking getting back to NYC.

It's especially shocking because every single transport hub here is a piece of shit: Port Authority (shit), Penn Station (shit), LaGuardia (shit), JFK (shit), Newark (shit), Grand Central (pretty nice, but I rarely land here). I think the city does it on purpose. It's like, "Hey Miz, you thought you were relaxed? Nuh uh, we won't have that here. Not in this city. Just to make sure, we are going to drop you in the nastiest place imaginable, and make sure there are extra crazy people around, so you can quickly assimilate back to New York living." "Thanks, NYC." Somehow I still love her. The nasty person was this drunk man who we were parked right up next to on the subway. He was a creep and Biscuit and I could not wait to get off the train. 

Luckily, when you have a comfortable living space, you can quickly assimilate back to that relaxed life, away from the shit holes of NYC. 

I love my apartment so much. When I get home, I can breath. It is extra special to have a personal haven after living in small apartments with 2-3 roommates for my first three years in NYC. This is the first place that I've decorated myself and that really feels like mine. You can check it out if you want to. A friend recently put my apartment on her blog "Somewhere Homes", where she's featuring regular people's homes decorated on regular people's budgets (great concept!). I think to really enjoy and thrive in this city, you have to create a space that you love. I fucking love my space (not the social website). 

Welcome to my home. Please take off your shoes.

Welcome to my home. Please take off your shoes.

I also now love cooking at home, since I've created a nice space for that too. 

I made red curry with chicken and bunch of vegetables for Biscuit and I. It was hearty, heathy, and delicious. We decided to relax on the couch and watch a movie. We rented "Room." Woah, great movie, also very disturbing, and literally made us sit on the edge of our seat. Both of us were grabbing on to the couch pillows and leaning forward talking quietly to the screen, "Come on, jump, jump now." If you've seen it, you know the part. We looked at each other and laughed at our foolishness. 

Then we went to bed. I said "tah tah" to Biscuit, since she was waking up early to head to the airport. We won't see each other until we cross paths again in London this summer. I am so excited for her. She's going to be moving there after her own stint of funemployment. Luckily she has a good friend and mentor to take notes from (hint: that's me). 

Goodnight, Room. 

Then it's Monday again.

  1. Write
  2. Go to the nutritionist
  3. Coffee with friend 1
  4. Coffee with friend 2
  5. Wander and browse around stores
  6. Write again
  7. Dinner with Croatian