Funemployed Day 18: Pasta and positive energy

"I just needed some direction." - My best friend after we told her 40 people was way too many to invite to her bachelorette/bachelor weekend. We've gotten the list down to 10. Some people need more directing than others...

Tl;dr: Girl sleeps in and skips workout class because she feels like crap, girl drinks special concoction to feel better (may or may not involve alcohol), meets former-coworker for lunch, meets funemployment mentor for pasta making lesson, meets best friend's sister for dinner. This was a great day. One of my best yet. Read on. 

When you wake up feeling like crap, the best thing to do is go back to sleep. If you have an eye mask, put that on, because it helps you forget that it's daytime already.

Allergies I think. I tossed and turned all night sharing a bed with my Aussie Biscuit. I skipped my am workout class. Biscuit was like, "Little Mizzy, wake up." I was like, "No thanks, but thanks for asking." It wasn't a question, but sometimes you just pretend it was and go about your business. 

I knew I had a big day ahead of me. I had three, yes THREE, friend dates that day. This was a Friday, and friends like to do stuff on Fridays. I rested up, got myself out of bed by 11am, and took a shower. I made my health concoction of hot water, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, ginger, and cinnamon. Take care when you pour ginger, because you might forget that it doesn't have those shaker holes (no idea what you call these), and you might pour half the bottle into your cup. It happens. I also took allergy meds. One of the two made me feel better, I bet it was the ginger. 

Next I was 10 minutes late to friend date 1. She was late too. I just figured she'd be late, so that's why I was. 

We met at Sweet Green and got some hearty salads, then picked up a bottle of rose, and went to sit on her rooftop in the sunshine to enjoy our lettuce lunch. It was a joy. This is my former colleague, and very soon-to-be-wed friend. She and I were in the same role at work, so it was good to catch up and see how things are going there. I still care. We also chatted about her upcoming wedding and laughed as she pulled out a rubber penis from her purse. She forgot it was in there from a previous bachelorette weekend. Naturally. We schemed about wrapping it in nice paper, and giving it as an anonymous wedding gift to a friend of hers. 

It was the perfect day for a rooftop hang. Soon-to-be-wed drank a little more rose than me. What a lush. We had a great time. She pretended to be funemployed for the day, and chose the right gal to do it with. 

I was early for friend date 2, so I walked there and stopped in a huge junk shop along the way. 

I walked from Williamsburg to Bushwick since it was so nice out. I was meeting my funemployment mentor at her sweet loft apartment. It was my first time over there. I enjoyed the walk and listened to an awesome, inspiring podcast where they interviewed the female founder of Classpass. I want to work for myself, so it's always nice to hear other stories of how people got started. Check out the podcast here

I arrived at my mentor's ready to go. She was too. I put on my apron and we got started making pasta. Before we began, we took a moment to set an intention, since making pasta is a bit like yoga. My intention was "bikini bod". 

It was amazing. I was in heaven. This whole process took a few hours. First making the dough, then letting it sit (this is when you go buy wine), then rolling it out into long thin sheets, then letting it sit again (this is when you drink wine), then cutting it into strips (keep your wine close by). Now you put the strips into piles and let them dry a bit, fluffing them every so often. The process was so fun, including great conversation, tunes in the background, and her boyfriend and two cats for entertainment. This fed my soul. 

"Miz, this is how you fluff pasta." 

"Miz, this is how you fluff pasta." 

This is pasta up close.

This is pasta up close.

We also had some rhubarb lying around, so we decided to make a rhubarb jam. This was also a first for both of us, and very fun. Super easy. A little water, sugar, cinnamon, and let the rhubarb simmer in this mixture. It's great on toast or in oatmeal. 

That's rhubarb up close. 

That's rhubarb up close. 

Finally we ate the pasta with a simple butter and sage sauce. It was fantastic. By this point it was important that we finish the bottle of wine. It was nearing 7pm and I needed to leave for friend date number three. We packaged my pasta up and I headed home in an Uber. Why didn't I walk? Because I was buzzed, carrying pasta, and two small, but heavy, slabs of marble with me. What? Slabs of marble. Yes, marble. We picked it up on one of our pasta breaks, and I couldn't pass it by. It will look great in my windowsill with a little plant on it. I may even make a shelf. 

Next I headed into the city for my second dinner. 

I met my best friend's sister. She gets mad when I call her this, so that's obviously why I keep doing it. I'll call her BFS for short. She's adorable, like a little Natalie Portman, and one of the most fun people to get stirred up. I used to leave it to her sister to push BFS' buttons, but now I take on this duty myself. She's also an amazing friend and wonderful person.

We had to get together over a vegetarian dinner (my favorite spot, Souen, in Soho) to discuss bachelorette party planning for her sis. We are actually doing a joint bachelor/bachelorette weekend in NYC. Half of the guests are coming over from England, so we want to be efficient and maximize our fun the weekend before the wedding. We had a productive dinner, even with my lingering wine buzz. Let the planning begin! I really enjoy planning. I have a few surprises up my sleeve, with some inspiration found from my funemployment mentor earlier in the day. 

Now it was bed time. I came home and joined Biscuit in bed. My place was still rented by some French people, so I was mooching off of my neighbor friend for one more night. She's a doll. 

Both neighbor friend and Biscuit were running the Brooklyn Half Marathon the next morning. They had carb-loaded on pasta earlier in the evening. I was like, "Oh, you didn't make your own pasta?" That's too bad. I slept well, full from my three friend dates, all involving food. As we went to bed, I sent positive energy to the girls so they could run fast the next morning. I think it worked. 

Day 19. Another fun one. 

  1. Clean up my place for new Swiss guests
  2. Get a train to Hudson, NY with Biscuit
  3. Farm party!