Funemployed Day 19: We go together like alpacas and Aperol spritz

"Omg Biscuit, I think I left your bag on the subway." - me scaring the shit out of my friend.

Tl;dr: Started the day as a housekeeper, cleaning for two new guests from Switzerland, then headed to Penn station to meet Biscuit. We took an Amtrak train to Hudson, NY where our friends were having a party at their farm. Then we partied, surrounded by sheep, chicken, and alpaca. 

My friends ran 13.1 miles before I got out of bed. How do you think that made me feel?

Yes, like a real lazy asshole. Luckily I had a purpose. Biscuit had to go straight from the race to meet me at Penn Station to catch our train. My purpose was to bring her bag there. She'd basically finish the race and continue running to catch the subway, showing up at Penn Station in her gear with her clear race bag, filled with snacks and a medal (probably gold since she's really fast). 

Before heading up to Penn station I cleaned up my apartment for new guests. I had two girls arriving from Switzerland in the afternoon after the French group left. Airbnb takes a lot of coordinating. Luckily, I enjoy it. I'd actually say it's my favorite job I've ever had. 

Anyways, my other job today was to make sure I got Biscuit's bag up to Penn Station. I was able to fit it inside my suitcase, so I was packed for two. I decided on my way to the subway that I was going to pretend that I forgot her bag. I knew she would want to kill me. This seemed like a great idea. 

I often forget that my face shows what I'm thinking. People say I have an expressive face. I just think I have an expressive mind, and my face is stone-cold. It's not. So on my way to the subway I was practicing in my head telling Biscuit, "Omg, I forgot your bag!" I did this a few times then I looked across the street and saw people looking at me like, "Wow, that girl looks shocked." Whatever. At least I was prepared when the moment came. 

I arrived at the station and found her, sweaty in her running clothes (but still beautiful in my eyes), in the Amtrak waiting area. I was like "Hi, hey, hugs, mwah." Then I looked down and around a little, "Omg Biscuit, I think I left your bag on the subway!" She freaked and pretty much started hyperventilating immediately. I was quickly like, "just kidding!" She was about to faint. I felt like all my practicing on the street paid off. 

We took a train out the country. I think it was a beautiful ride, but I was on my computer most of the time.

Biscuit is also leaving her job (we worked together) and we have a few plans to meet in Europe this summer with her lovely French boyfriend. I introduced the two of them, so they are repaying me for that gesture by letting me tag along on some of their euro adventure. We call this "third-wheeling." Biscuit and I were scheming on the train ride about some of our plans in London and France. It doesn't seem real, since we've talked about this stuff for so long. I'm feeling very lucky and excited. 

We arrived in Hudson where Biscuits bestie from Australia (I'll call her Sunshine, because she is an utter ray of sunshine) has a summer home with her Austrian boyfriend (see the international theme here). They kindly invited the two of us, along with about 30 other friends, out to their home for the night. It was AMAZING. The theme was "1970's tennis." Sunshine was already in costume when picking us up at the train station, and even better, she had her hair full of rollers. We felt like our 1970s hippie mom was there to pick us up. This is what I'd expect from Sunshine. She will always make you smile. 

I luckily found some perfect tennis outfits for Biscuit and I at a thrift shop while home in Pennsylvania. 

Greeted with champers. Our outfits were $12 total. Beat that.

Greeted with champers. Our outfits were $12 total. Beat that.

I felt like the luckiest person alive. I was at this beautiful old home on an even more beautiful setting overlooking the Hudson river. I was also surrounded by interesting, kind, and hilarious people. It was the perfect party. We lounged on beanbag chairs overlooking the river, drinking Aperol spritz. I got a tour of the property by Mr. Austrian with a warm introduction to the chicken, sheep, and alpaca (holy shit these guys are cute). We played some tennis and then drank more Aperol spritz. I had the pleasure of getting to know two other gals that really hit it off with Biscuit and I. 

You know when you feel like certain people are just on your wavelength? You just click. That's a cool feeling, and it was fun to get to know some new, interesting, well-traveled women. I was feeling inspired (and a bit buzzed). I know Biscuit and I both enjoyed making some new friends.

When the sun went down we started a fire, ate gingerbread cake, and watched the flames. It was magical. Biscuit and I shared some tea then went to bed early, commenting on how we both like to party the same amount now (a much smaller amount than in the past). I really could not have asked for a better day or a better friend. 

And then it was Sunday, the day of rest. 

Who am I kidding. Everyday is a day of rest when you're funemployed. 

  1. Sleep in, as I do. 
  2. Lounge around the farm.
  3. Outdoor yoga session taught by Sunshine
  4. Train back to NYC
  5. Dinner and a movie with Biscuit-boo.