Funemployed Day 16: Keeping a positive outlook

"I wouldn't say I'm an expert on Brooklyn, but I did put on cedar scented beard oil today." - A fellow funemployed/student former-coworker friend of mine on how Brooklyn he is. I'll let you decide for yourself here. 

Tl;dr: Girl sleeps in, goes to lunch in another Brooklyn hood, walks an interesting route home (let's say I stood out without a brown wig or sidelocks), wrote, greeted a friend, went to the upper east side on a serious adventure to procure a second-hand kitchen island, cooked for 3 friends one my new island, hung with German guests, drank a bit too much wine. The end. 

I like to walk as many places as I can. Now I know one route I'd prefer not to walk again. 

I would have walked to lunch, but I had to be there at 12:30pm, and you cannot expect a funemployed girl to fully enjoy her coffee and get her shit together in time for a 30 minute walk to lunch. This involves planning that I did not do. So I took the subway to lunch in Clinton Hill. My former-colleague and I had scheduled a lunch date, because those are the things funemployed friends do. 

We sat out here. How nice. 

We sat out here. How nice. 

We caught up over a delicious sandwich and blood orange cider at this cool spot called Mekelburg's. It was the perfect day to sit on the back deck. That we did. Since it was so nice out I decided to walk home. I had very few afternoon obligations, as one does when doing what I do. Walking is up there on my top 5 list of things that feed the soul. I could walk for days (or a few hours). This walk was hairy, and bordered a highway most of the route. I walked through the center of the Hasidic Jewish community, which I've never looked at the same since reading this book called Unorthodox (where a women escapes this community). None of my smiles were returned.

I returned home to write, and later I greeted my friend who flew in from San Francisco.

My Aussie friend, Biscuit, arrived mid-afternoon. We got to catch up on all things life (my life and her life because we are friends like this). This took a few minutes. We get to catch up pretty frequently which is a real treat. I'm looking forward to seeing her over some of my travels this summer. Then I was like, "Hey Biscuit, good chatting and all, but I gotta go to the Upper East Side to meet a stranger to buy their kitchen island." She was like, "As you do." She knows me too well.

Now when things go wrong, I have a positive outlook. "Oh, at least this will be fun to write about!"

I got to the Upper East Side, actually a little early. It was raining. Great. No umbrella. My Croatian friend was meeting me to help me move this Crate & Barrel kitchen island from some random human's apartment (met via Craigslist) to mine. He was running late. I took cover in CVS then headed over to the apartment. When we arrived, I made the mistake of telling the doorman I was there to get a piece of furniture. 

"Oh hell naw." This is against the building rules. This guy was a rules guy. He wanted to follow the rules and made it very clear that we would be breaking them. We are not allowed to break rules. The elevator is only padded for certain hours during the day. Grr. I went up to the random human's apartment (I was greeted by his wife and naked baby as well) to check out the island. It was perfect. It was everything I dreamed of. Now we had to plan to come back the next day (way the fuck out of my way) to pick this up, since Mr. Doorman was being a pain in the ass. 

When I went back downstairs the doorman was coming around. "Ok, go take a picture of it so I can see it." I went and took photos at the optimal angles, making sure to capture the moving blanket and wheels. I went back down with the rando and we shmoozed the doorman a little more. Showing him the pictures on my iPhone, "See the wheels?" "Yeah." "See, it's not even that big?" "Urgghh, yeah." "See the moving blanket there for optimal coverage and padding?" "Yeah. OK. I'll make this one exception, but we can't have this happen again." YES. 

Picture used to convince the doorman. Yep, looks good to me.

Picture used to convince the doorman. Yep, looks good to me.

We got it into the elevator. Perfect fit. Next was wheeling it up Second Avenue and trying to find a car. We got one Uber XL. The guy saw us and was like, "My car ain't big enough, call an SUV." Uh no, too expensive for an SUV. Next a drunk man in blazer came by to try to help us. "I've been watching you guys. You're not New Yorkers are you?" I wasn't sure how to react. Luckily he was drunk enough that he didn't care. He walked across the street and tried to convince a construction guy with a white pickup truck to help us. In the meantime I called another Uber XL. The custruction guy said no, thank god. Drunk guy left. Farewell. 

The next Uber XL arrived. I waved him over and was like, "Hey, we gotta put this kitchen island in your trunk." "Uh, I don't think it will fit." Croatian, "Oh yeah, it will fit. It will for sure fit." We had him convinced. Next was lifting this beast into the trunk of his small SUV. I held my breath. It fit perfectly. There was not an inch to spare. Phew. I was home free (well, home for the 1.3x Uber fare surge price)! 

Next was hauling this bitch up my front stoop. Eight stairs never looked so scary. I am not sure how I did not fall and bust my head, but I had great direction from my friend. He was like, "Do this. Take this side. Now do this." I followed and we succeeded. Biscuit got back home just in time to see this new kitchen beauty. 

Look at her, shining in the spotlight as she should. 

Look at her, shining in the spotlight as she should. 

Then I got straight to cooking. So much more counter space! It's a dream come true.

I made a huge kale salad, sautéed vegetables, topped with a fried egg, and paired with a beautiful red wine (whatever was on my shelf). Yep, I was a happy camper. My neighbor friend came by and I served her a plate as well. It was an international crew with an Aussie, Swede, and Croatian. Just like I like it. 

Next my German guests got home to me moving more furniture around and a huge mess from my cooking. Luckily, they didn't mind. They are great guests. I have hosted A LOT of people by this point and it's always really fun when you get people you really click with. They shared some wine and great convo while they made dinner, and we continued drinking until the second bottle of red was gone. This is when you know it's  bed time.  

I would say the kitchen island saw a great first night at my place. Many more to come. 

Tomorrow is a new day. Day 17.

  1. Sleep off my red wine
  2. Hang with my guests before they leave
  3. Clean for new guests (I miss my cleaning lady, but I'm trying to save a few bucks.)
  4. Take clothes to sell at the thrift shop
  5. Wander aimlessly around my neighborhood
  6. Write
  7. Yoga
  8. TBD