Funemployed Day 15: Make your own happiness

"Dear Miz, You forgot about the Dutch helicopter save story. Your teaser was perfect, but now I feel misled. Sincerely, European reader." - My French friend hounding me for not finishing a story that I alluded to on Day 9. Read to the end today, my friend. 

Nope, I didn't take this pic. Would be cool though. 

Nope, I didn't take this pic. Would be cool though. 

Tl;dr: Spun my legs really fast really early with a friend by my side for moral support, baked chicken and made a salad before 9am (this was a first), tried on a dress, wrote, missed my therapy appointment, rescheduled and went to therapy later, walked around Manhattan, got a drink with some foreigners, and went home. Hell yeah. Then a special request. 

If you want to make it to a 7am class, it helps to have a friend in your bed who wakes you up and makes sure that you go. Or you could hire someone. 

I am full of wise advice as you can see. My Philly gf motivated me to get to class bright and early. We went to SYNCstudio to Mr. Latino who teaches a killer class. My legs were about to spin off of my body, luckily they didn't quite do that. Still attached. They sort of distract you from your legs-about-to-fall-off feeling by incorporating these upper body dance moves. Luckily it's dark in the "bassment" so people cannot really see how off-beat I am. I can say that I have improved, keeping the beat about 50% of the time now. #lifegoals. 

If you want to cook and you are funemployed, you can cook at any time of the day, even before 9am. 

This is what I did. I was riding my spinning high and decided to prep some of the food I had in my fridge. My German house guests woke up to me baking chicken drumsticks in the oven and whipping together and avocado egg salad. I'm very unpredictable these days. 

We shared coffee and chatted. They both read this blog and I'm pretty sure I heard a few chuckles while doing so. Win for me! My bridesmaid's dress was delivered while we were chatting. It's a gorgeous, flowing, summery gown. Obviously my Airbnb guests begged me to try it on. "Hey we are basically strangers paying to stay with you, but we'd really like to see what you are wearing to your best friend's wedding." "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I thought you guys would want to see me with no make-up and post-spinning hair in this new gown I just got." So I tried it on. Perfect fit! Win again! 

After this I went in my room to write (not in my gown, silly). Then I got a text from my therapist saying, "Hey I'm still waiting for you. It's 10 minutes past your appointment time." Holy hell it's hard to keep your schedule straight when you don't know what day it is! Luckily she let me reschedule for the afternoon, so I headed out after writing.

While walking to the subway a bus driver waved at me. I smiled and waved back. Then I looked to my left and there was another bus. He was waving at the other bus driver....not me. Ugh. I was thinking "Oh, how friendly this bus driver just wants to say hi." I shyly tucked my hand away. I was just swatting a fly. I looked down and crossed the street. 

When you feel really good, it's easy to forget how shitty you once felt. 

Therapy helps remind me how far I've come. I can say I was fairly depressed in the early months of 2016. I would say I felt lost, overwhelmed, and drained. There was at least one day a week where I couldn't get out of bed. Finally I hit a breaking point one day in March, totally losing it in front of my manager at work. It was not too fun. Luckily, I have great doctors, parents, and friends who gave me good help and advice. And luckily I started listening to myself and put myself in a good position to take some time off. 

Funny enough, within a few days of making my decision to take a break, I was feeling much much better. Then within a few days of being funemployed, even better. I can't even really recall the place I was in earlier this year. It felt like a veil was lifted. Now going to therapy is easier and more fun, and it helps to remember the shitty stuff (it's easy to just brush it off when you feel good), and think about how to approach my life and career ahead in a way that will bring me joy (and mental health). 

Word. Taken from my "Miz Words" Pinterest board.

Word. Taken from my "Miz Words" Pinterest board.

Then I went to get a tea and look at furniture. Yes, I'm serious. I have all this free time, and I just want to look at furniture. 

After my wander around, Croatian doodle and his friend met me for a drink in the Upper East side. I've realized that I am in the prime season and have the prime employment status to take full advantage of weekday happy hours. This is great. We shared a carafe of white wine and had great conversation. It was a real pleasure. By the time I got home it was approaching 10pm, so I just chilled out with some tea and hit the sack.  

A special request. I mentioned in a previous post that I nearly ruined my Dutch guest's surprise for his girlfriend. I've been asked to elaborate. 

I had a Dutch couple staying with me last week. The guy was like 7 feet tall, barely exaggerating. I remember when they requested the room they asked how big the bed was. I lied and said it would be perfect. This story has nothing to do with his height, but just know, he's tall. 

We were chatting before bed one night and he told me that he bought his girlfriend a helicopter ride around NYC for her birthday. Two mornings later as they were getting ready I was like, "Oh so helicopter ride tomorrow!?". Tall man was sitting in the living room and I got a shocked glance from him immediately, and he mouthed "She doesn't know!". Fuck.

Luckily the girlfriend was in the bedroom and couldn't see either of our faces. I hear her from the bedroom, "Huh, helicopter ride?" Then I jumped in mumbling "Oh yeah, my friend bought one, ehh uhh." I can't even remember what I said, then I somehow changed the subject to skydiving. "I really want to skydive. Have either of you done that?" I really don't want to skydive, but it was the closest kind-of related topic I could think of. I kept looking at him mouthing "OMG, sorry!" He winked and was like "It's ok" with his eyes. I thought I ruined it. I was fairly sure they were going to leave and she would be like "Wtf was Miz talking about?" and he'd have to tell her. 

Luckily that night they came home, and he was like "I told her, and she had no clue!" Phew. I was so relieved. I was sure I had ruined it. Then I came out and was like "I actually do not want to skydive, that's just all I could think of saying." I couldn't live with that lie on my conscience. 

You happy now, friend?

Today I will do these things:

  1. Lounge, drink tea, and generally be a badass
  2. Get lunch with a funemployed friend/former-coworker
  3. Write since everyone is pleading me "Miz, write for us!" "No you A-holes, I'm writing for myself but just sharing it with you, because it's more fun this way."
  4. Greeting my friend who we will call 'Aussie Biscuit'. 'Biscuit' for short. 
  5. Picking up my new (used) kitchen island! Aww yeah! $200. 
  6. Making a giant salad with all of the veggies in my fridge. 

Wow, again a jam packed day ahead. Hold tight for details.