Funemployed Day 14: It's time to get outside.

"Life is always painful. You just have to choose your own pain." - Roberto Monticello, this guy we ran into in the Meatpacking district yesterday. He was a character, but an inspiring, funny advocate of following your passions (and he forgave me for being from Texas). 

Tl;dr: Chanted "Omm" with my theatrical yoga teacher, looked at too much furniture on Craiglist (I am trying to find the perfect kitchen island. I need more space to cook.). Met my friend and walked the Highline, met Philly friend for drinks, made red curry, and had a slumber party. 

Yoga is great. It's even better when the teacher has a strong set of pipes. 

My favorite yoga teacher is at a studio nearby, Laughing Lotus. It's a bright, colorful place (Imagine murals of sparkly unicorns on the walls. No joke.) where I feel at home. I went there a ton this winter when I wasn't feeling so hot, and I found solace here. The teacher that I had yesterday is my favorite one. He's a small, flamboyant guy, who can sing like no other. He often sings in class, and he speaks with so much energy (and great intonation). I got my downward-dog on. I was for sure the least advanced in the class, but that's what's great about yoga. It's not about everyone else, it's about YOU. You can slowly feel yourself get better with time. 

I came back from class feeling, well, kind of tired actually. Then I was lazy and sat on the couch browsing the web. I was trying to help a friend find some new furniture, so I just bombarded her with Craigslist ads for a few hours. Sorry, she asked for it. "Hey look at this link, and this link, and yeah, this link." "Hey, yeah I'm at work." "You're, huh? What's that?"

I recommend having a fellow funemployed friend when you are funemployed. 

I headed into the city to the High Line to meet Mr. Croatian. It was a bit windy, but overall a very nice day. We passed Conan O'brian. That was cool! It's hard to miss him, that tall, ginger son-of-a-gun. Despite the cool celebrity sighting, I started to get "hangry" midway through our walk. I was going on three coffees and not much food. I taught Mr. C what "hangry" meant, for better or for worse. We stopped in Chelsea market for a bite and a beer to relieve my hanger. It worked. Close call there. 

We didn't, sadly.

We didn't, sadly.

I don't know them. So much construction going on around here. 

I don't know them. So much construction going on around here. 

When it's nice outside, drink outside.

Next we were walking downtown to meet my Philly girlfriend when she got out of work. We stopped by a bar on our way south. Croatian popped in to see if his fellow Croatian friend was working. He was, so then we were obligated to stay for a complimentary drink. Philly gf met us with an old fashioned waiting for her when she arrived. We were entertained by Mr. Local Roberto Monticello (We Googled him while we were sitting here. He's a quasi-celebrity with a pretty interesting background from Cuba.) who walked by our outdoor seat about three times, stopping to chat, cracking jokes, and entertaining us every time he passed by. We all got a business card. Besties. 

Next Philly gf and I headed home. She shares my bed when she's in town for work about once a month. It's always a treat to have her. We only go for extremes when she's here, either big party nights (like the Kooks after-party until 3am on a weeknight) or super healthy nights. This time was on the healthy side (besides the old fashioned). We made vegetable and chicken red curry and were in bed before 10pm. We signed up for 7am spinning the next morning. We needed to get plenty of rest, so our legs were ready to move really really fast, while we sat in place. 

Overall, A+ of a day. I would say, if you're looking for a pretty decent day. Do the stuff I did up there ^. 

Day 15 agenda: 

  1. Spin legs fast
  2. Drink coffee
  3. Eat brekky
  4. Hang around the house with Ze Germans (You are cool guests! I gave them the link to my blog, so now I have to be nice.)
  5. Laundry
  6. Sell clothes to a thrift shop (cleaned out my closet y'all)
  7. Therapy 
  8. TBD
  9. Comedy show at UCB East

Yeah, that's a jam packed day you see there. Hopefully I can handle it. I'll report back tomorrow.