Funemployed Day 13: More ways than one to save a buck


Tl;dr: Woke up, drank  lots of coffee, wrote, went to a country breakfast place, went antique and thrift shopping with mom, got Thai food, got a bus, chatted with new German guests. Pretty average day, but life is full of average days, so I freaking enjoyed it!

It's the best feeling when you wake up and fully expect it to be 1pm, but it's only 8:30am. That's how you know you slept well. 

I woke up in a bathroom, not because I was so drunk the night before, but because my family actually make me sleep in a bathroom (see Day 10 for further details). You can hear right down into the kitchen, so I usually wake up because someone is talking to the dogs. There are three of them, so there's always someone talking to a dog at any given moment in our household. 

My cousin, Aunt Chicken, headed out around 11am, so I said farewell to her. I'll be seeing her again soon. I drank a few cups of joe (that's also my dad's name. Ironically, he doesn't like coffee. Well, unless you put Hershey's syrup in it because he's also 10 years old at heart), then chilled on the couch and wrote about the big horse show day. There was still a lot of horse talk that went on today, but not as much as the prior day (Day 12). 

I went with my mom, aunt, and uncle to our local brunch spot, The Oaks. When you go to The Oaks, it's easy to be the most refined person there. It starts with not smelling like cow shit. If you show up at The Oaks not smelling like cow shit, they know you are someone special. You get a table in the very back corner like we did. 

The food here is hearty, home-cooked, and delicious (plus it's a real steal compared to NYC prices). It's helpful going out to eat with you mom because she pays (this is a great strategy when you are on a budget. I think I should write a personal finance blog next.).

After a filling breakfast at our country brunch spot, mom and I decided to do more country things like looking at old stuff and used stuff. We both bought a few things.  

If you haven't caught a theme here, I love finding deals. I even just like the act of looking, because you never know when you may strike gold. We went to an antique furniture store. It was awesome, packed to the brim with old lamps, rugs, chairs, and chests. It was so fun to browse around. Trace-face got a lamp for her bedroom. Exhilarating. 

Then we went to a second-hand shop, where I found cheap tennis outfits for an upcoming theme party. I picked out one for a friend too. Can't beat a full tennis getup for $12. That's rad. After this we stopped by a local bakery. We looked at baked goods (we found the will-power not to eat) and visited this family fair they were having outside. There were a bunch of Pennsylvania hippies there. It was cool. One lady was holding a baby owl. Baby owls are very very cute if you've never seen one. Google to prove it

I should be a hand model. 

I should be a hand model. 

We got home, after listening to some oldies (Joni Mitchell) and raving about how well the seat-heaters work in this new car. "Mom, is your butt so warm?" "Yeah, is yours?" "Yeah." Can't wait for the winter now! I read for a bit, then packed up my stuff to hit the road, back to the big 'ole city. 

Know where you can get great Thai food? Small town New Jersey. Who knew!

We stopped by a favorite local spot for some Thai before my bus ride. I knew I could eek one more meal out of my mom. I did it. It was delish. I get the bus in the cutest little town in NJ called Frenchtown. Mom said it used to be a real shit-hole, and now it's quaint and adorable. I recommend it as a weekend getaway from NYC. You can float down the Delaware river if it's nice out. 

Then I got on my bus and somehow killed two hours on the trip back to NYC. I must have blacked out because I can't even remember what I did. Maybe it was all that whiskey, I mean, all that Thai food. Pretty sure I just messaged friends the whole time. Yeah. Nothing too exciting. 

I arrived back home to two new guests. They greeted me and showed me around my apartment. I joked that they were my hosts. They thought it was funny. It is, right? They are super nice, a young couple from Hamberg, Germany. They brought me sea salt chocolate and lavender oil. Wtf! They know me so well. Those are two of the quickest ways to my heart, chocolate and stuff that smells good (take note!). 

Then I went to bed. I bet you didn't see that coming!

13 is my favorite number. Hopefully day 14 will be just as good despite not being my favorite number. 

  1. Yoga with my favorite teacher! OMMM
  2. Spending too much time looking at furniture online (feeding my addiction)
  3. Writing
  4. Highline
  5. Meeting my twin bff (she's not my twin), who's visiting from Philly!
  6. Making dinner and enjoying time with Philly friend. Slumber party, y'all!