Funemployed Day 9: Cleaning, the real path to enlightenment.

"Good save on the helicopter trip :)" - My Dutch guest wrote in my guestbook, referring to that time when I nearly ruined his surprise helicopter ride for his girlfriend. Oops. I think he and I were both impressed by my save. 

Tl;dr: I started cleaning and couldn't stop, so I decided not to stop. This took me all day. Then I spun my legs really fast on a stationary bike, but not as fast as most of the other people in class (I really have no idea how they move their legs like that). Then I saw a concert and nearly passed out with musical joy because they were so damn good. 

I accidentally told my mom about how I scrubbed my floors. The cat is out of the bag. She knows I have these skills now. 

I got a pedicure two weeks ago. It's held up well. 

I got a pedicure two weeks ago. It's held up well. 

I took a tip from Trace-face about mopping using boiling water (careful, it's hot). I did this first then went next level and actually got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the shit out of my kitchen and bathroom floors with a sponge. This was oddly therapeutic, but also OCD-inducing, as I was striving for perfection. Then I couldn't stop. I texted my mom and was like "Hey, I can't stop cleaning. When the mood strikes, it's better not to interrupt it. I'll come home tomorrow instead." She was like, "You can clean?" Next came organizing the pantry, my closet, the medicine cabinet, and the coat closet. I had to cut it off at this point, because a girl needs to eat. 

I ate. 

I feel so proud when I finish all of the fresh food in my apartment. It's like a puzzle, planning how you will make a meal out of what's left, as to not waste anything. I did it! Jalapeño, 2 avocados, lemon, onion, 1 egg, nearly stale bread (pro tip: it doesn't taste stale if you toast it in a pan with olive oil) combined to perfection. 

Then I continued on. My neighbor friend stopped down and I showed off my cleaning abilities. I'm not sure that anyone could tell the difference, but boy, I could. I found a few items belonging to my ex-boyfriend and took some time (one, maybe two, minutes) to consider what to do with these. One was a pretty nice bag. I thought, hmm maybe I should let him know. Then I thought "Eff it, some homeless man could carry so many things in this bag." His phone number is inside the bag, so who knows, some kind stranger may give him a call. Maybe they will hit it off. What a love story that would be. "How'd you meet?" "Bag." 

Since I didn't leave my apartment all day, I decided to get out momentarily and then go back inside into a dark "bassment" to spin my legs on a stationary bike. 

I went to SYNCStudio in Williamsburg. It was a fun, high energy class. It's one of those places where you rent special shoes that clip into the bike pedals. I've been that person that can't figure out how to clip her shoes into the pedals. Class gets started and then you panic, making your situation worse. This time the girl next to me was that person. I tried to be supportive with a smile and a nod, "You got this, girl." Click. Click. Phew. 

As I've said before, music feeds the soul. This hasn't changed in the last week. 

I went home and cleaned some more, then left to meet my foodie former-coworker friend. I had originally told her that I couldn't go to this show since I'd be home in Pennsylvania. Low and behold, cleaning got in the way. I'm glad I stayed. The show was a Canadian band that two of my Canadian friends introduced me to a few years back. They are called "Half Moon Run." They were SO GOOD. Foodie and I stood on the balcony level at Bowery Ballroom with an awesome view. 

Living that rock'n'roll life, ya know.

Living that rock'n'roll life, ya know.

When I see live music that I really enjoy, my mind goes into another realm. I went there. Check them out. If you like them, they are in the same vein as a few of my other favorites. I could make very long lists of bands. Maybe I will soon, but for now...

  • The Maccabees
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Foals

Side note.

I actually have to thank Foodie friend for inspiring me to write this blog. She and I saw a concert last week and after the show I was recounting the story about the drunkle near Grand Central. She was cracking up, and I was like "Oh I should write this down." So I did. And here we are. Thanks for laughing at me, Foodie. It means more than you know. Now you go follow your dreams. 

Day 10. That feels like some kind of milestone, right?

  1. Breakfast with CF (Croatian)
  2. Bus back to the family farm in PA
  3. Farm stuff
  4. Snuggle with my dog