Funemployed Day 8: A journey through Manhattan

"You are really lucky. You better appreciate how lucky you are." - My best friend via Facetime. She's in med school. It's good to have friends that remind you of this.

Tl;dr: Went to a class that I wasn't signed up for (rolled like a ball, tucked, and twisted), went to therapy, talked to babies, walked half of Manhattan, bought a bridesmaid's dress, cleaned, and taco'd.

I showed up to the wrong class. It's not easy to know what day it is when you're funemployed.

I use Classpass. If you haven't heard of it, it's amazing. It's a monthly subscription that allows you to hop around to all different studios around the city. You can go to up to 3 classes per studio per month. There's like 1000 studios listed in NYC, meaning I could theoretically go to 3000 workout classes per month if I wanted to. #lifegoals. 

I only bought Classpass as a treat for myself because I happened to stumble across $1300 in Amex gift cards thanks to an oversold Delta flight in March. Yes, you read that correctly. Delta gave me (and 4 other people) $1300 to take a later flight to San Francisco. I waited in the airport for 5 hours for the next flight, meaning my hourly rate in Delta's eyes is $260. I'll be sure to tell my next employer that.  

So I signed up for a Wednesday class, and showed up to the Tuesday class. It's hard to get days straight when you're funemployed. They gave me a break and let me take the class anyways. It was pilates at East River Pilates studio. I love that class. There were 4 women there. One was struggling and I wanted to be like, "Hey girl, stick with it. You got this. fist bump." I'm quite familiar with being the worst in the class, so I gotta support my peeps. 

Then I went to therapy. 

I was like, "Hey, I'm back...again. Also, I feel so proud because I'm writing and I decided to pass up on that job I told you about to follow my gut." She was like. "Yes, my favorite patient, it sounds like you are starting to listen to what you want and not just what will look good on your resume. See you next week."

We talked a little bit about dreams too. I keep a note in my phone of all of the crazy dreams that I have. It's long and wild. That's really fun to dig into.

No matter how long the walk, I will always stop for a cute baby. 

I ended up walking from Midtown down to the Lower East Side for a bridesmaid's dress fitting, making a few pit-stops on the way. First I stopped in Madison Square Park to oogle at a baby. She was crying and her nanny (she was clearly a nanny) was trying to get her to calm down. I plopped down next to them on a bench and was like, "Oooh ahh, baby! You're so cuuuute. Hi. Hi. Peekaboo!" Luckily, baby's don't care what you are saying. She stopped crying. Then I talked to the nanny for a few minutes and wished her a happy Mother's Day. She was the sweetest. 

I also stopped on the way to eat at this super healthy place, Hu Kitchen, to refuel for the rest of the walk. Then on to the dress fitting. I went to Reformation and took a bunch of selfies, then Face-timed my Dr. best friend from the fitting room. The girl helping me was so nice, but was like "Uh, are you actually bringing your Dr. into the dressing room with you on Face-time as you undress?" "Yes."

Here's the least embarrassing selfie of the bunch, with a filter on it to look more hip.

Note: this was not the winner. It's a secret. 

That's me in a dress after a workout class and therapy. 

That's me in a dress after a workout class and therapy. 

When I got home I did a follow up debrief with Dr. bff. First she told me lots of things (like how lucky I am). Then we were like "Omg, dresses! weddings!" She's really one of the smartest, hardest studying and working people that I know. I am very very excited for her wedding in August. 

I canceled my tennis match. 

I just didn't have it in me after pilates and walking half of Manhattan. I said, "Hey CF (Croatian funemployed friend), why don't you just come over and help me wrap a gift, watch comedy, and eat Mexican food? I'll even let you do the dishes." He said, "Sure."

Nicest guy ever. He did actually do the dishes. I did not actually ask (I may have suggested). We went to get cheap Mexican food nearby and enjoyed a beer. It's been a nice surprise to hang out again, as we hadn't seen each other in two-ish years. We met pretty randomly at a bar back in the day. I'm pretty sure we took tequila shots. I no longer take tequila shots, but luckily he doesn't either. CF has a refreshing and similar outlook on life and travel (and tequila). 

We will play tennis next week. 

Fin. Now Day 9. I get to see my mom and my dog!

  1. Cleaning for next Airbnb guests (ze Germans)
  2. Laundry
  3. Packing
  4. Going home to the farm in PA to hang with fam for a few days. Whoop!