Funemployed Day 7: Conquering my sweet tooth

"Thank you so much for being real and honest in your writing" - friend of a friend. How nice is that!

Tl;dr: My least eventful day of unemployment yet. Wrote stuff, made some eggs, rubbed olive oil on my face, booked flights (let the planning begin!), flowed, sweated, meditated, then sat on a friends couch. 

Writing is my therapy. The fact that one person wants to read this is enough for me. 

I've been utterly flattered to get positive notes and comments in regards to this blog. It means the world to me. I'm generally an open book with friends and acquaintances. If I like you, or even sort of like you, I want to know everything about you, and I will share it all back. This being said, I wasn't like "Oh wow, everyone wants to hear what I have to say about my mundane daily life". This is for me. 

I have some kind of tactile OCD, constantly fidgeting, biting my nails, picking my nails, picking at my skin, or stress-eating. I've done it for as long as I can recall. Then there's the upper-back tension and TMJ (clenching my jaw at night). I started going to therapy to work on resolving these anxious ticks and tensions because they were becoming kind of unbearable for me. I haven't had any life traumas, and kind of felt like I didn't deserve therapy - like they weren't important issues. Well that's bs. Now I realize and stand by the idea that no matter how small your issue, if there is a resource within your reach to help you make it better and improve your situation, then freaking take advantage of it. Why not? I was lucky to do this. You can be lucky, but you also need to be opportunistic, and take advantage of resources around you. 

Basically I'm writing all of this to say, that having the daily activity of writing, and deciding to remove myself temporarily from the stresses of a job has reduced (I would say nearly eliminated) the issues I was having before (my nails look damn good). Not to say it was a one week magical cure, I worked hard to find the tools and had a few breakdowns along the way. 

Ok, now let's lighten the mood. 

Then I made some eggs

Along with mental health, I've become really interested in nutrition and physical health. I don't think anyone has ever called me the "energetic" type, and I have always had room for dessert (I used to tell my parents that my "dinner side" was full, but my "dessert side" is empty). I've been working really hard to educate myself, eat healthier, and kick this sugar addiction, and it's finally paying off. For lunch I made eggs, with kale, mushrooms, onions, topped with avocado. Delish. Sweet tooth proof: 

My dessert side was super empty.

My dessert side was super empty.

In the midst of my cooking, I made myself a face mask out of sugar and olive oil. That was my first time rubbing my cooking ingredients on my face (I did move to the bathroom for this), but obviously not my first time rubbing food on my face (please see above). But was magical! After feeling how soft this left my skin I was like "Woah, I want to rub more cooking materials on my face", so I got a book called "Homemade Beauty" to help. Let the at home beauty adventure begin. 

Next I went to yoga - my new dessert. 

I went back to the sweaty studio, Modo yoga, that I went to last week. I couldn't resist. This was an hour and a half class that was pretty intense. My teacher was a female this time, and she was also extremely good looking. I can appreciate a woman's beauty. So I sweated a ton, then laid in a pool of my sweat to utterly relax and zen-out. While zenning-out I was thinking (not making this up) "This is as good as dessert". This is a big deal for me. There are very few things I find as good as dessert. Again, proof: 

Proof is in the popsicle

Proof is in the popsicle

 I'm finding writing to be the as good as dessert too. 

Then I saw myself on the subway twice. 

I showed up in a subway ad for NYC's annual charity AID's Walk last year. A friend spotted it and snapped a picture, showing me at work last April. I died laughing. I am in the background, clearly cheesing at the camera. Then I started seeing it myself, on light-pole banners, buses, and like every subway. It's like "Where's Waldo" because I'm in a little different spot in every ad. It's back again this year. All over. 

Every time I see it I get such a chuckle, and I've been tempted to tap many strangers on the shoulder and say "Hey, look! See that head in the back of that picture. Yeah, that's mine!". They'd probably be like, "Uh, ok, cool". What would you think? Then it makes me wonder. If I'm in a subway ad, how many other times have you been next to a secret celebrity in life? Maybe you stood by the star of a CVS commercial at the grocery store. Fame is all around us, guys. 

That's my head.

That's my head.

I hung on a couch with a friend. I'm very familiar with this couch. 

I went to my gal-pal's place in the West Village later in the evening. I had to pick up a few things that I left at hers the week before. I had rented out my full apartment on Airbnb and slept at hers while she was in Thailand. Her first night back from Thailand I got a text saying, "I found your retainer in my bed", so I had to pick up my retainer too. That's a good friend. She put it in a bag for me. We chatted and caught up on all things life and Thailand. 

That's kinda it. 

Oh shit! I forgot. I booked my flights for my Euro trip. I will fly in and out of Dublin and be overseas from June 22 - July 21. Hit me up if you have a bed/couch I can sleep on. I will repay you with a bed in Brooklyn. 

Day 8

  1. pilates
  2. therapy
  3. trying on bridesmaid's dresses for my bfffffff's wedding!
  4. writing
  5. laundry and chores